2 Table Credits for Signature Dining Questions

If I exchange 2 table credits for a signature restaurant such as
Le Cellier Steakhouse, what does it include? Will this include Appetizer, Entree and Dessert? Or will it follow my “magic your way 2017 standard dining plan” rules? Mainly meaning that it does not include appetizer. Under the standard plan, you get entree and dessert, but no app.

I would logically think that since I am giving up 2 full table service credits, that I would get the deluxe perks which include appetizer, but this is Disney after all, and well you know what that usually means…

It’s just Drink (non-alcoholic), Entree & Dessert for the 2 credits. When on the dining plan we would usually pay out of pocket at Le Cellier rather than using the double dining credits there as it seemed a slightly better value to get 2 other meals. It of course depends on what else you’d do with those 2 credits otherwise to determine if that makes sense…

The Poutine makes for a good appetizer at Le Cellier & their specialty Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup is also really good if you want to be tempted to spend more…

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I can only answer indirectly…

On the DxDP you get 3 TS meals per day, and each one includes app, entree, and dessert. If you use 2 credits for a signature, you still get app, entree, and dessert. “Theoretically” an app at a signature costs twice what it would at a regular TS, same for entree, same for dessert. Using the same logic, if the regular plan includes an entree and dessert at a regular TS, then that is all that you would get at a signature. I don’t use the DDP, but I know some people say that using 2 credits for a signature meal is not “worth” it, if $$ is the only factor you are considering.

Some of the dining packages (e.g. F!) have apps included. I think some of the CMs also include apps, but as I don’t do them, I can’t say for sure.

Thanks for your replies. With appetizer not included, then using 2 TS credits is clearly a waste of money. Even with the app thrown in, there are only a couple of restaurants where it makes financial sense. So I will forgo the “Siggy” at Epcot and go with a regular table service venue. There are plenty to choose from there.

I normally would never get the Dining plan at all, but this visit it makes sense. With the promo that they running, the cost only added $900 overall to our room package. That is for 4 adults and 1 child,6 yrs old. We are going to use almost all of our table service credits for character meals. And I quick serves for the better restaurants/values in Disney. I calculated that the overall value for the week is almost $2,600 worth of dining. Could we eat cheaper than $900 for the week with it, clearly yes. But to be able to have my granddaughter get to experience all of the different character dining experiences, and overall be able to indulge a little, all at about 30 cents on the dollar…… it was hard to pass up.

So Tutto Itlalia it is then! LOL


A good choice… :slight_smile:

I think your analysis is spot on. Could you eat at Disney for less? Obviously the answer is nearly always yes. Could you eat at Disney cheaper at the restaurants you want to eat getting the entrées you want? It sounds like the answer to that question is no, which is exactly the scenario in which I would get the dining plan. Good choice! (And I don’t think you can go wrong eating at the Italian pavilion.