2 Staterooms on a Disney Cruise

I am planning my family’s first Disney Cruise. We are a family of 5 - my husband and I and our 13 yr old triplets. We’d love to stay in the Concierge 1 Bedroom Suite. I noticed that it is much cheaper to book 2 people in the Concierge room and the other 3 in an inside stateroom. Would it be possible to do that and still have all 5 of us stay in the Concierge room? My other dilemma is that my husband and I want access to the Concierge Lounge, but one of us would have to be booked with the kids. Is there a way to book 2 staterooms with parents officially listed in one and kids in the other? Or would they allow me to book myself into 2 staterooms (still cheaper!)? I am always trying to find ways to save! Thanks.

My understanding is that only the people on the concierge reservation will have access to the concierge lounge. I also don’t think you can book only kids and no adult into a separate room. Unfortunately, if both of you are going to want access to the lounge, I think you will both have to book the 1 BR suite.