2 smaller dining parties into 1?

I think I know the answer…and it’s probably a “maybe” :wink:

Has anyone had luck combining 2 ADRs into 1 table upon arrival (or by phoning in advance?) Looking at Artist Point in March, I have 2x2 ppl ADRs booked (5 mins apart) and would like us to be at the same table (although we’re good if they’re side by side too :slight_smile: )

I do have ResFinder set up, so who knows, might all work out anyway, but just curious if anyone’s tried?

Definitely did this 3-4 times last week! We were 7 or 8 at times and I usually had reservations for two groups of 4. We did this at Sci-Fi, Garden Grill and maybe one more that I can’t remember!


I did this at Brown Derby last year and stopped in when the restaurant opened to request to be placed together. They already had flagged our reservations as being “probably together” due to the last name being the same and had no problem seating us together.

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When I traveled with a larger group (11 people) 2 years ago, I usually had two separate reservations and just told them when we checked in. They usually were able to accommodate. This included meals at Cinderella’s royal table, Hollywood and vine, Tusker House, the Aquarium restaurant at Epcot (I can’t think of name) among others.

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Perfect!! Thanks everyone, I was really hoping we could make it work, sounds like we should be able to!

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I did this last year on a trip with 8–usually we had two ADRs for 4. When we checked in and asked to be seated together, they always said they would try but couldn’t guarantee it. And in every case we were seated together (even at CRT).

I was only about to get Sci Fi diner for 6 as 3 groups of 2. I’ve been trying ever since to get us all on one res but I really think it’s ok b/c we were broken up into 3 different cars the last time anyway.