2 Single Park passes in same day?

We have 6 days of single day park passes for family of 6.

Our children have decided to take a day out in middle and go to Universal.

We now have 6 passes to cover 5 days.

We are planning 2 days at MK and 1 day at AK, EP, HS. We’d like to use that 6th pass now to go back to one of the other parks: ie, MK day 2 we’d do MK morning, EPcot after our mid-day break.

Is there any problem since we don’t have a park hopper using that remaining ticket for visiting a different park on the same day. Essentially using two single park tickets in one day?

I’d hate to get to the turnstiles after packing up whole family and find out we were declined when we scanned to go in Epcot.

TIA for any advice!


No, you cannot use two park days on one day. You could upgrade to a park hopper but they will not allow you into a second park if you have already entered a park that day without the hopper.

I would call Disney about this. I can’t see why they wouldn’t let you in. WHen you enter a park on a 1 day ticket, that ticket is tied to you and to that park.

But if you go to a second park and enter it with a DIFFERENT ticket, that ticket is tied to the 2nd park. Obviously this is no where nearly as economical as using a hopper, but if it is a sunk cost for you, I get it.

I would suggest calling the WDW ticket office to confirm.

No, the more days you buy the cheaper your tickets are. If you have a five day ticket and then purchase a one day ticket (for more than $100) Disney would be more than happy to allow you into two parks in one day but they will not allow you to use two days from a 6day non park hopper on one day.

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I was under the impression the the OP did not have a 6 day pass, but had 6 separate single day tickets, so, I guess @clfrericks will need to clarify.

Disney has a clear policy on this. You’re not getting in.

Disney pricing is structured that after 4 days you get price breaks by adding days. So an 8 day ticket is priced pretty much identically to a 4 day park hopper. In the OP example a 6 day pass is basically $70 cheaper direct from DIS than a 5 day hopper.

I took it to read as non hopping passes ! You are right if they are 6 one day tickets!

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And you are right if it is a 6 day pass. :slight_smile:

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Ughhh…it’s a six day pass.


Sorry, then @PrincipalTinker is right… only 1 park each day…