2 Room Packages and ADRs, how does that work?

I currently have two room packages booked for November. One is for a party of four at Pop. The second one is at CBR for a party of five. Which one I keep will depend on what family members actually end up going.

Later this month, I need to make my ADRs. How does that work since I have two reservations? Are the ADRs tied to a specific package or just MDE? I’m worried that when I cancel one of the room packages, I will loose my ADRs.

How about FPs? I’m hoping we will have finalized plans by the time to book FPs, but it’s hard to tell at this point.

Thank you for your help.

ADR’s are just tied to MDE - you should be fine there. FP are tied to the person/ticket, so not sure how that works if you have a room + ticket package because I always get tickets separately.