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Hi everyone!

I would like to know if I can pucrhase only one MagicBand for me and get KTTW for the rest of my party. (Because I think it’s better for a ride-photo with a MB instead of a KTTW in my wallet…

Also, I’m wondering if we can bring food onsite? I mean, not only snack, but an entire meal prepared by ourself… we stay in Davenport, have a kitchen an want to prepare meals as much as we can to save $$.

Thank you!

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Yes to both!

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There was a blog about people who brought an entire Thanksgiving feast!

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When you do bring food onsite, be sure to follow WDW’s rules, especially if it’s into a theme park (as opposed to the parking lot or a hotel). https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/park-rules/

There are rules about the size and types of coolers not allowed. No glass containers, except baby food. No loose ice - but you may certainly bring ice cubes in Ziploc bags or the blue freezer packs.


I think that was @len and friends actually :rofl:


For anyone searching:


I think so!

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It can also save time! While most of mobile ordering can be pretty quick, there have been a few times we were waiting nearly 30 minutes to get our food after arriving!

We have been known to bring lunch meat and cheese rolls, individually wrapped, into the parks. We freeze them, if a freezer is available, and they serve as their own ice. They are easy to eat and deal with while waiting in line compared to a burger, poutine, pizza, and such. Or we have done homemade lunchables but they aren’t as easy to deal with.