2 people making fast passes simultaneously?

My fast pass day is tomorrow and I am freaking out! Can my sister use her account and me use my account to get fast passes at the same time? We are a group of 6. She was going to tackle half the days, and me the other half. Would we get an error message if we are both logged in gathering passes for the whole party? I have never done this before and I am the main person on the reservations. She has gone many times before so she knows how it the system works but I just don’t know if it is possible for both of us to work together to get the passes.

Yup. DH and I did that a few months ago. Good thing too… my phone and PC weren’t doing great and he got most of our FP on his MacBook.

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Thank you! Exactly what I wanted to hear!

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Yep, I do two browsers and my phone and book a bunch at the same time. Just keep organized and make sure you’re not doubling up.


Mine is tomorrow too!

Two people can be logged in.

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We assigned each other days so we shouldn’t overlap, hopefully.

Ideally you should attack from a demand order not a chronological order.

ID You’d want to go for your MFSR, MMRR, SDD, and FOP before anything else, even though they are all on different days. Then you go back and add in the next most in demand and so-on.


That’s what we’re doing. I am doing the days we need FOP first and she is doing the Hollywood Studios days first. After FOP, I am switching for mine train.

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Good good!!

Good luck!

So, are you saying you can log into your own MDE account from multiple locations and book fastpasses at the same time? I’m thinking I’ll have my son on my phone or on his laptop while I’m on mine but didn’t know if he could use my MDE account or would need to be on his own, while I’m on mine.

Thank you! Same to you!


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Just finished getting our fast passes! We got everything we wanted when we wanted, including FOP at 60+1! My sister ended up not being able to add the whole group on her account so I did it all while she reminded me what times we wanted.


Glad to hear you did well!

I got 'em all too!

I even got MMRR at 60+1, but ended up swapping it to 60+4 because the timing worked better with our dining – but that meant we got SDD at 60+1 in the early afternoon (which was our goal time - there were earlier times available). We got MFSR, FOP, and 7D all without difficulty as well. The rest were probably never going to be challenging but it felt good to click them off anyway

I came away feeling like the predicted crowd levels – overall quite low during our stay – are pretty accurate. Either that or they offered more FPP than usual. Or I suppose the change of tiers could have helped dramatically.

I really didn’t struggle to get anything we wanted, when we wanted it. Which was nice.

The stupid site tried glitching a few times though - especially after 7:12. Up to that point I was cruising along fine. I guess those who are a little slowpokey in getting online had done so by then.


I came away thinking the same thing and hoping that the ease of getting the harder to get rides when we want them means it should be a good and fairly less crowded week. We technically only have one chance at rotr since we are only doing one morning at HS (our other HS is a half day starting in the afternoon) so hopefully with 3 or 4 of us trying we will be successful.

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I have “get up early for ROTR BG” on every one of our days at BC. Everyone knows that we will keep trying until we are successful and that if they opt not to join us for the early rise, they will not ride.

I am hopeful we will succeed on our first attempt.

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I am thinking my sister and I might just get up early on our half day and go see about riding it ourselves. I don’t think anyone else cares if they actually ride it or not.