2 parks in one day with resort break in the middle - worthwhile or too much wasted time?

Hi all - would love your opinion please as I can’t make a decision at all on this one!

Our first day at WDW on our upcoming trip is my birthday - we’ll be coming from our Universal hotel in the morning - my plan is to head over ASAP after breakfast (we have Club Level so breakfast included and we’ll get in there early, 7am ish.)

So I plan to be at POR around 8:30am. To check in and drop off our luggage (I realise our rooms won’t be ready at that time.)

I have MK reserved for that day as it’s our daughter’s first ever day in WDW and so the must visit first park. I’d like to get there as early as possible without making the morning a totally stressful military style rush - but in my head if we can be at POR 8:30 and check in and bags dropped and grab a quick drink etc then we can maybe be at MK for 10am.

Here’s where I’m struggling with how to plan the rest of the day. As we’re British and Florida heat is tough. So I’m thinking maybe we could do MK like 10am-2:30pm, ride and see some of our favourites and then head out once we’re in need of a break from the heat.

Then our rooms will be ready ay POR so we could have a couple of hours to cool off and unpack a little and then head back out - maybe to EPCOT for a meal and fireworks.

If it wasn’t my birthday that day I’d be happier to just go less planned and stay at MK as long as we like but be back to POR in time for unpacking and cooling off before bed and save fireworks for another day.

But due to it being a special day I think I’d really like to see some fireworks but I know 10am-10pm would exhaust us on our first Disney day and then maybe have a knock on effect on our following 10 days.

Is my MK - POR - EPCOT plan feasible though? Would love to hear from more knowledgeable planners!


In the oppressive heat of summer our mantra is “done by 1” so yes…I like your plan.

I like to give my family a full four hours at the hotel in the summer for nap/swim when we RD the park at 7-8 AM…so I’d leave MK by 1, (arriving at POR by 2 at least,) and head back out to EP at 6:30-7 PM.

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Will you be using genie+? I’d be inclined to have a relaxing day while stacking and then head to MK late afternoon. Enjoy fireworks there. Maybe visit a restaurant at DS for a special birthday lunch?

It just seems like a short time at MK if you’re only there 10-2 (and 10 being on the optimistic side).

I am a huge fan of resort break time but that’s when we RD to get in more hours in the morning.

This sounds perfect to me as well. I do fear that it is dependent on the actual room ready time though. I would hope that an earlier one comes through but if you wind up with a hard 4pm it is tougher.
I am also one that doesn’t like to chance getting in the pool until I know my room is settled and others may not mind the risk as much.

Thanks - we don’t come until next year so Genie+ wasn’t an option for me to add to my tickets when I booked. But I will have DAS and my 2 advance selections.

Totally if we weren’t moving from US that same day we’d RD it - just awkward timing with change of resort falling on the same day as my birthday.

Generally this is how my family does our days on days when there is rope dropping involved. You’re not rope dropping but you’re starting at rope-drop-o’clock with breakfast at UOR before coming over. Starting early means a break is necessary.

We enjoy our evenings with a meal and fireworks and perhaps 2-3 other things if time allows.


Yesterday - our first full day - we checked out of All Star Sports, leaving luggage to be transferred, headed to Mk about 10. DH and I had a short to do list and left for Saratoga Springs about 2.

Our room was ready, medical equipment was waiting but no food order yet - it did appear by 4.

Also no luggage - that appeared by 5:30.

We went to Coral Reef for supper and then left, getting sidetracked by the great lighting show on Spaceship Earth. So glad we caught that!

This was enjoyable but tiring in the heat. Little nerve wracking waiting for food and luggage.

Next day early for AK - ouch.