2 Packing Questions!

2! :slight_smile: So excited!

You have all been so helpful, I am hoping you can advise on two minor packing questions. We are a family of 4, flying into MCO and staying at AoA Nemo suites.

First question - Can I pack pods of laundry detergent? Or will they explode on the plane? Any better strategies for laundry soap? I definitely plan to do laundry.

Second question - Would you pack beach towels? We plan to swim at the hotel and visit water parks. I don’t mind renting towels at WP, but is the hotel towel situation reliable enough that we can just use those at the pool? Have room to pack, but hate having extra wet stuff hanging all over a hotel room!

Thank you!

Yes to laundry pods, no to beach towels

Happy travels!

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The exact answers I was hoping for! :relieved: Thank you, @OBNurseNH!

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I agree with the no to beach towels and yes to laundry pods, but I’d make sure they are well bagged and sealed. I have also taken Purex Laundry Sheets with me when travelling. You don’t have to worry about them leaking. They are the size of a dryer sheet, but have laundry soap in them too. You put it in the washing machine, then in the the dryer too.

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Also, so excited for you!!!

Thank you! We are excited. Good tip on the Purex sheets. And congrats on your new tagline!

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Thanks @rmfluh! I was so excited to get a tagline.

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I agree I would pack the pods carefully and I took beach towels in March only to realize we did not need them! As a mother of 6 I understand NOT wanting to overpack! Have a great trip!

Thank you, @rachstarr!

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I agree about not bringing towels, since Disney will provide plenty for pool use, though you may have to ask for them. I’ve never stayed at Art of Animation, but at the other value resorts, you have to bring towels from your room to the pools. I’ve never had any trouble getting extra towels from housekeeping, but just a heads up not to expect to be able to pick up towels when you get to the pool area (though, it’s possible Art of Animation is different from the other value resorts).

I’ll second the Purex 3-in-1 sheets suggestion… they work well enough and 1. there’s no chance of the exploding, 2. there’s no liquid or gel so it doesn’t matter where they get packed, and 3. they take up very little space… you can slide them down in those front/back pockets on a suitcase that really only work for flat stuff, or roll them up and slide them into shoes (which can keep your bag from smelling like shoes as well). I prefer the way Tide smells, but the benefits outweigh that small drawback by a ton!

Also, since you’re doing laundry anyway, if you decide that you really want legit beach towels maybe that could be a great souvenir… you’ll find them at just about every general merch shop you go into. Pick up a large tyvek mailer before you leave home, and then ship the towels home.

This is extremely helpful! Thank you both. 1 day to go!

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If you happen to be be going to Walmart/Target/etc. and you think you might want to ship beach towels (or clothes, or any other soft stuff) home then you can pick up a large tyvek mailer while you’re there, and save yourself a few bucks over what the Disney shipping centers charge. That will also not really take up any space, but can save you some headaches when trying to repack to go home!

Great thinking - thanks, @Nikkipoooo!

I love the idea of those sheets mentioned above. FWIW, though, if you’re stuck on Tide (and I am LOL) I just wanted you to know I’ve never had my pods explode. I also make sure they are either in the travel-size pack they came in or in a ziploc if I use what I have on hand. And then they get put in the larger ziploc that holds those sorts of items.

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Awesome @OBNurseNH - I do really appreciate the vote of confidence on the pods because I had already bought them and didn’t make it out to buy the sheets, and we leave in the AM! I am a Cincinnati girl originally and love my Tide, too! :wink: Thanks for all the help from this forum - with my laundry needs and with planning this trip in general!