2 or 3 days to tour Universal

I booked a room at the HRH and I’m starting to think about planning our first trip to Universal in early 2023. I am curious if 2 days would be enough time to comfortably tour UOR and IOA or if 3 would be better? I started playing with the touring plan and it almost seems like 2 days would be enough. My kids are huge Harry Potter fans so I want to make sure we have time to explore the WWOHP.

Although you could do it in 2 days - especially with the express passes included with your HRH stay - 3 would be ideal & give you plenty of time to really savor & fully enjoy & appreciate all the HP areas have to offer as well as the rest of both parks. Definitely get park-to-park tix!

Also, if you’re doing 2 nights at HRH, your express passes are good on the day of check out, too :+1:


Well said. I agree, two is doable (especially with Express) but three is ideal - two days dedicated to each park then a “favorites” day.

If you do a two day trip then make sure to check out the activities at the hotel and CityWalk too.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah my initial plan was 3 days of touring and 2 “resort/city walk” days. I think we will do one day at MK.
We did 4 touring days and 2 resort days at WDW in 2019 and it was really great. Kids love to have some pool time.

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HRH has a fantastic pool :blush: plus you can pool hop at UO if you’d like :+1:!


For Harry Potter fans, early entry is important. At some point the crowds became so much that I couldn’t appreciate the amazing HP theming. I recommend starting and ending each day in HP. The HP shows are really cool and the puppets have more than one show. The shows are nice when you are itching to go back to HP but the crowds haven’t thinned enough.