2 night WDW trip with an adult WHO HAS NEVER BEEN!

Looking for suggestions! ok…it’s a long way off but i’ve been thinking about it (shocking). Heading down Marathon weekend to do the Half (1st time) and my friend is joining me. Turns out she has never been…her childhood sucked, her DH is awesome just not into Disney.
We are going Friday-Sunday, the Half is on Saturday. I’m slow so probably finish in 3:30. No RD for us! I’ll be asking her what she wants to do eventually but she is busy with her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah right now.
It will be a crazy fun trip…she’s a total foodie, adventurous and this will be my first adult trip! Any recommendations? Time is so short that i’m thinking just MK and EPCOT. Staying at WL…it took me 30 seconds of hearing she had never been to upgrade from CBR!!! Hoping to fly in early on Friday and out late on Sunday.
Thinking EPCOT on Fri. b/c I have to pick up my bib and MK on Sat. Or is it better to do MK on Sunday so we can RD? I was thinking Sat. so we could be there for fireworks but we could watch them from the Poly. But what about AK? Would 3 parks be insane? Trader Sam’s or Dahlia Lounge? SO MANY CHOICES!!! My brain keeps going round and round…welcome to the party!


I’d call it a sampler trip, or a Disney flight. Best 2 out of 3.

Get park hoppers for sure.

AK and MK mornings.

And Epcot evenings.


oh that is a great idea! Thank you!!

What time do you have to leave on Sunday?

Three parks on Saturday is indeed an insane thought. I would probably MK it for a bit after you’ve cleaned up, then hit Trader Sams in the afternoon.

Dahlia is amazing but you’re short on time and it’s “out of the way” so I would skip that this time. Since you’ll be at WL, do Geyser instead!

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This is a great idea but one has to keep in mind the importance of an early bed for the runner, and the importance of pacing and not going too hard in advance of the race.

Something to consider: what will your friend want to do when it’s time for you to go to bed??


For Friday, make sure you plan a bit of time for bib pickup - especially if you’re using Disney transportation. You’ll likely want to spend some time at the expo, too. And think about when you want to turn in that night for that wonderfully early race day wake-up call. :slight_smile:
I agree with park hoppers for sure!

I would actually encourage use of Uber/Lyft or rent a car for the duration of the trip to be in control of yourself at all times.

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Not sure but usually there is an 8pm flight…who knows these days!
Thanks! I’m thinking 2 parks in one day at the most. I’ve never done more than one!
Right! I forgot about Geyser Point! Thanks!

Does Epcot make sense on the bib pick up day?
I can’t even wrap my brain around the 3am wake up call! I’m hoping that being used to insomnia will help me cope!

That is a great idea! This will be a trip of firsts!!!

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I think so. That was our plan until our flight bumped earlier. It opens later so you can go do bibs right away and then get to the park still before lunch.

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Brilliant! Thank you!!!

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Yep. Just remember to pace yourself. WS is just over a mile around - which I often forget and is relevant before race day. :slight_smile:

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Enabler here. Can you squeeze out one more night? I feel like pre and post race is not a time period that counts for a park day. If not, I say maximize one park. That park being Magic Kingdom. :laughing:


Just a quick side track–I think of you and your trip report every time I’m riding with my husband and he drives on the rumble strip while gawking around. I call him Rumble Strip Randy in your honor :laughing:


Lol! Thank you for sharing. I was terrified. Liners saved me that day. We turned terror to humor.


Good point!!! I’m usually a slow pace traveler but I think knowing she has never been broke my brain a bit!


I’ve been wondering the same thing but I don’t think so. It sure would be fun though!!!

Or driving by Braille as it’s known locally.

I drive on mostly empty 2 lane roads; the rumble strip annoys immensely.

EXcept in winter, when there’s enough snow on the road to cover up paint and blend in pavement edges with verge. (What’s a shoulder? :thinking:)

Then the rumble strip becomes quite useful at announcing road’s edge. :blush:


I have a similar trip coming up, but no marathon! I wonder if you’re also having to play it cool with friend as you bubble up with excitement every time you think/talk about it :rofl:

anybody have any tips for trader Sams? I’m going with one of my best gal pals and she LOVES a tiki bar, so I thought an evening at Poly w/ dinner and drinks and to watch the fireworks from the beach.