2 magic band orders

I made a resort reservation, bought annual passes and customize magic bands.
I was at Disney springs with questions and the CM said he was adding our annual passes.

Now i have two magic band orders.
the 3 different cast members that i chatted with all told me something different one said
decline the annual pass MB order
one said decline the resort MB order
and the third said do nothing and you will have magic bands with just the annual passes (no room keys) and another set for this trip with passes and keys.

I have to add MNSSHP hard tickets to the MB for this trip can i do that online???

What should i do about the two MB orders???

Has anyone had this issue and what is the best way to handle it???

I have to admit i really like the idea of having a spare MB just in case
only one week until fast passes change our well planned Plan

Keep them all! It’s nice to collect them. They are all attached to YOU!

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I had four magic bands for spring break. One set for AP, did split stay so two sets for those rooms, and then added a room only to the beginning of the trip after finding a cheap flight the day before we’d planned to leave. I loved having different colors.

All of you MBs will work to enter the park. They are all a link to your MDE account. I will admit I may have boxes of them around the house. You should always have a 2nd band with you on a trip if possible in case one goes flying off your wrist in an attraction (yup- it happened).

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I keep just a spare “puck” (the center bit of the Magic Band) for each of us in my bag. Takes up no more room than some spare change. :+1:

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RIP, customized pink MB. You will keep on Haunting the Haunted Mansion until the end of time.


My AP MB with the AP slider is still flying through Space with Buzz :weary: