2 long days at MK or 1 long, 1 short but smaller crowds

We are going to Disney September 28 - October 5 this year. We are only going to Magic Kingdom for two days with our daughters age 7 and 3. Should we go on a Monday and Wednesday where there will be more of a crowd but get to stay later and see the fireworks both nights? Or should we do Tuesday and Friday with possibly lower crowds, but Friday closes early due to MNSSHP? We will not be staying for the party. Is the lower crowd worth it to miss the parade and fireworks on Friday. We know we could watch the fireworks from the parking lot area, but not sure if we want to stick around for 2 hours waiting. Also, does anyone know how strict they are in making you leave at 7 for the party to begin?

How big of a difference in crowd level? 1 or 2? I’d stick with longer days.

They are strict, you cannot go on the rides or anything without a band for the party. I haven’t done this yet, but I have heard enough about it.

As to which to pick, are you typically going to be able to do rope drop and stay out late every night? I cannot pick for your family, as for me my next trip is adult only so I don’t have to worry about child meltdowns. It is a tough call.

Does your family arrive for rope drop, and leave in the early afternoon for a break then go back and close a park? If so you will do alright with 2 long days. If your long days are without a break, I think 1 log and 1 short will do, also what are your dining plans?? If you leave the park on the MNSSHP and go to a MK resort for a meal you can watch the fireworks from the beach or docks, or maybe you can book the pirate and pals cruise that night to watch the fire works.

Hello! Same ages as my kids!
First, they are super strict about getting folks out of the park for the party. If you stay til seven you will literally be escorted to the gate. Also, might not want your kids to see the park make its cool changes in atmosphere starting around 6pm if they can’t stay for the party.
Second, my family would not need two late nights – my kids would be too tired after one late night. Keep in mind, once fireworks are over you have the long crowded walk out, bus ride back, walk to room. You aren’t getting to bed for at least an hour.
Whatever you choose, all good options! Have fun!

I agree with others about the two late nights being too much for my family as well. My kids are older than yours and we still have never done Wishes because it’s just too late and would likely turn the next day into meltdown city. If it were me, I would do a long day with a good break in the middle, and then a full day but leaving early. Rope drop to 4pm or 5pm is still a really long day.