2 hops in 1 crowded day?

Would it be ridiculous of us if we started out our day at MK…hop to AK at 2:00…then back to MK after AK closes….on Monday, Dec 20?
Right now our plan is morning at AK then hop to MK for the rest of the day after 2:00. However right now it’s showing that MK is at capacity, so I’m paranoid that we won’t be able to get in w our park hopper. Our current park res is AK, but I was thinking about keeping a close eye on the calendar and switching our park res to MK if it happens to open up. However, going from MK - AK - MK all in 1 crowded day feels like a bad idea (especially with the mess of genie+/LL). But not getting into MK would be devastating.

Experts should weigh in. But, doesn’t a park reservation get you back into that park even after you hopped? I think I read that.

I think that’s right. I’m more concerned about whether hopping twice in 1 day is insane (the week of Christmas). The last time we were at WDW was in 2012. Needless to say, A LOT had changed! I’m wondering if breaking up the day that much will even allow us to ride very many rides? Or if it will make it super hard to manage LL times?

I’ve done it before during Christmas. It’s not crazy, but it is a lot of running around. With AK closing earlier than other parks, it makes sense to hop back to one that is open later. Transportation isn’t the greatest thing right now, so I’m not sure I would do it, unless I had my own car.