2 days at AK or at HS?

We will be at WDW in Oct. And in the parks for 7 days. We will be doing 2 days at MK and 2 days at Epcot for sure. So we have to choose one park to only have one day at-- either HS or AK. Which would you pick and why? Obviously, HS will be super crowded and AK not so much.
Thank you for any input!!!

What are your goals/priorities for each of those parks? Will it take 1 or 2 days to accomplish them?

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Well I’d like to see everything at HS, but with the new Star Wars section opening, I know it’s going to be nuts and will likely need 2 days. But I didn’t know of the crowds would feel too crazy to hang out their 2 days? So basically I was wondering if 2 days at a less crowded AK would feel more like a vacation? I was curious to get other opinions on what was the best option. And I wasn’t “planning “ on getting park hoppers.

*there :grimacing:

My family loves AK and easily spent two days there last trip. It’s not a ton of rides but the park has beautiful theming and lovely trails so it’s easy to spend a good chunk of the day just exploring.

We did two days at HS last trip but I had kind of wished we only did 1 as the second day we mainly did repeats and we could’ve used the rest instead. But this was of course pre-SWGE and if that’s important to you i think it would be wise to budget 2 days there - 1 for SWGE and a second for the rest of the park.


I just love that park.

We do too!
My first trip I poured over the unofficial guide and thought, “we don’t want to do AK, but will just try it once.” We ended up going two days that trip (pre Avatar) and every one after. It is our favorite park. I think because it feels like a vacation, not a theme park to me.
I am sure though with Star Wars you will need 2 days in HS, however, Disneyland does have SW right and there isn’t anything like AK there correct?

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I would do the 2 days at AK. DHS might be a madhouse and they’re changing the whole FP system around over there, so you may not get to ride all the rides you’d like to even over 2 days.

AK has brought quite a few new things on line over the past few years, and when we were there last month were pleasantly surprised how full our days were. The environment is much nicer, too, and the shows (especially FotLK) are not to be missed. It’s just not the kind of park one can rush through and get the full experience.

But, in the spirit of full disclosure, we just like AK better than DHS. Even though we are big Star Wars fans. The theming is better and it’s less hot, too.

We are also going in October. We will rope drop the first day we are in HS and leave before noon. Our plan right now is to return the next day around 4 p.m. if the first day is a fail with the changes in FP tiers, we will go to Epcot instead. We have one full day in AK with a break and then a second day coming in a little before 4 p.m. We will have park hoppers.

Our group just doesn’t do shows. For HS, that leaves a handful of rides that won’t appeal to everyone in the group. Add to that our inability to find a favorite CS place to eat. So it’s definitely a half day park.
We’d do two days at AK.

We are also going in October - for 12 days :slight_smile: We will have Park Hoppers and plan moving around a bit.
I think it depends if you are planning on doing SWGE - if so I would pick 2 days HS, if not AK. Love both parks (all parks lol). I’m looking forward to new TSL (wasn’t there when we last visited) and we will do SWGE but I’m not happy that GMR has gone and M&MRR isn’t going to be open :frowning:

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Just from an entertainment/ride alternative perspective I’d say AK as well. It doesn’t have as many shows, but they also have the Wilderness Explorers to do, the Boneyard, and trails to walk. HS sure will have new rides/areas, but the alternatives are lacking variety.

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If you have small kids, I would do AK for sure. My 5 and 8yo can spend half a day in the dino playground alone.