2-day touring plans problem

we wanted to do the 2-day touring plan for adults for DL, but we’re not eligible for early entry on day 2, which basically screws up the plan for early touring before we even get started. I didn’t want to cram DL into 1 day… So is it worth attempting the touring plan (knowing that we won’t make early entry), or should we do one day in DCA instead?

It sounds like no park hoppers, correct? I find that TP are a wonderful tool to use as a guide, but to try and make sure you do not get too rigid with them. The reality is that on DL side, they do not have the data to make it accurate enough to follow a plan that closely. Not to mention, it is a local park and bc of this many variables get throw the whole thing off. Really nice day? APs May flood the park making a CL 4 an 8. I still make plans and try to follow them for the first hour or so and then it becomes a check list or guide. If you are wanting to hit many of the headliners and can swing it, I highly recommend MP.

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