2 Day touring plan for Epcot

Trying to make a 2 day touring plan for Epcot but I am not sure how to do this. Any suggestions or did I miss a special button? Thank you in advanced for help.

Are you trying to create a personalized plan?

You must make separate plans for each day, so you must first decide what you want to see on each day. Take a look at the pre-made two day plans to get some ideas on how to best allocate attractions across two days.

Thank you. I am trying to personalize our 2 days at Epcot. I will look at the pre-made ones and cut and paste. I didn’t know if there was an option for this on here.

As a rule of thumb, I RD and spend the AM in FW, then head to WS for lunch and spend the rest of the day there. I pre-plan my RD and FPP strategies for each day, but I pretty much play WS by ear, except for ADRs. I’ll also look at the live show schedules, and if there is one I want to see, I plan to be in that area at show time.


We usually do at least 2 Epcot days. First day focus on FW and then head to one of the WS pavillions for dinner and then leave. Second day, we show up late, use a couple of FPP (one more tier 1) and then head to WS to meander, catch a show or two, eat, drink, shop, play Agent P, and eat dinner before Illuminations. We never have enough time in Epcot. Some people split right side and left side, but we prefer to split to FW and WS on different days.