2-day park hopping or one day at each park?

We're planning on spending two days at Universal the week of Halloween. Is it better to park hop or just spend one day at each park? Yes, I know we need a park hopper if we want to ride the Hogwarts Express but is it better to use the 2-park-2-day plan or just use a 1-day plan for each park?

We like to hop because if one park get really busy its only a few minutes walk. Also depends if you are staying onsite have express pass going for a swim and coming back. Also check opening hours as the Halloween nights will be happening then. Check out the price difference as well as its about $20 more per day to hop but we think its worth it. We stayed offsite but if onsite you will get the early entry but you probably know that.

I've been looking at that also @miniminderino. I decided to just go with the one day at each park option . I know we will not be able to do the HWE but other than that the cost savings are worth it. I did spring for an onsite suite so that we got early entry and unlimited express pass.

That ended up being cheaper for our party of 6 than buying two days of express passes each.

Park Hopper is REQUIRED to do Hogwarts Express.