2-day MK Touring Plan

My family has 2 days to spend at MK. The trip is geared towards my 4 yo son. I made a TP for our first day at MK: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3826230 . It’s rather packed, and realize it may be a good idea to cut back on some things, but I’m not sure what. If by some miracle we finish our lunch ADR in time for the FOF parade, I figure we’ll watch the parade from Frontierland & skip the Country Bears & Aladdin’s Carpets.

I’m not so sure how to approach creating the TP for our second day at MK. My general thought was to hit most of the attractions that my son would like on Day 1. Then, take note of what he liked so we could do many of them again on day 2. However, I’d still like to have some kind of plan. My main constraints for the second day is an 11:30am BOG lunch ADR, the 2pm FOF parade, and our fast passes (9 am PP, 10:05am 7DMT, and 12:25 JC). Anyone have any suggestions?

What about Pirates and Jungle Cruise? I would make a plan with those, duplicates of some attractions that you expect will be favorites, and duplicates of some attractions that you think you made need to skip i your initial plan due to time constraints. My 3.5 y/o asked to ride the carousel (which was only a 5 min wait) multiple times in a row … so things like that will slow you down in addition to the snack/potty breaks).

Another thought, that is a long day for a 4 year old. You may want to end the end earlier and move a couple of your last attractions over to Day 2.

I’m glad to see that you are putting in those break times!

FYI - A lot of them are “off” by a few minutes. I added it up and you arrive a total of 47 minutes late to your breaks.

You should adjust them to their actual arrival times to get a more accurate TP. Then you’ll be able to see if you can get to everything within your scheduled day.

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I have a FPP for Jungle Cruise (JC) at 12:25. My DH wasn’t sure Pirates would be suitable for a 4 y/o. Thoughts?

It’s hard to anticipate what his favorites will be. Or what his least favorites will be…

Only the first minute of the ride is “scary” as it is completely dark and you go down an small incline - not a “drop”. (However, since it’s in the dark it might feel like going down Splash Mt to a small child.)

After that its fun pirate scenes and songs. A bunch of skeletons - so that might be scary too.

My five-year-old did Pirates with no problem but was afraid of Winnie the Pooh! It’s hard to know.

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The BEES!!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

I’ve heard many a child cry as soon as they hear the buzzing!!

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Yes, the bees! I forgot what the scary parts were. My son is very afraid of bugs (even now at age 10) but particularly anything that buzzes or has a stinger.


Every kid (and family) is different. Last fall, my then 3.5 y/o was scared as we walked through the dark queue and closed her eyes for parts of Pirates, but at the end said she liked it. She is excited to go on Pirates again this year. She has made it clear that she will not, however, try Haunted Mansion this year (we skipped it last year too). I could see how Pirates would be scary to some kids, but others do just fine (and there is a wide range in between).

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My 2 and 4 year old were scared but made it through.


I read that Pooh was scary but both kids ended up loving it!

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My 3 yr old son at the time loved POC and had no issues with HM either. As others have pointed out, each kid is different. POC is easy to get day of FPP as 4th or beyond FP.

Most of your 1st day rides can get a FPP as a 4th or more day of, you may be able to cut some of the short lines down even more.

I would just plan to Adventureland day 2 at park open, you could hit all 3 in first hour and be to your PP FPP by 10:00. This would allow you to move 12:25 JC up to 11:05 for a repeat in fantasyland (Pooh?), hit BOG, get a 4th FP for 1:00 after your lunch, and go check out the parade. If there is still energy left, repeat anything you want with additional FPP’s.

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