2 day DHS plan

I have two days at DHS planned in March. Here is the general plan:
On the first day we will try to do RotR, MFSR, ToT, and Rnrc (plus shows/same day FPs).

On day two, we will hit all the toy story land rides as well as MMRR. We will also use this day as a backup for anything we don’t do on day one.

Do you think this is a solid plan? Too little or too much each day?

I think that is as good as any plan one can come up with for DHS these days. Planning for that park is a mess. Expect lots of long lines and waiting.

Ok, pretty good plan. If it were me, I would do RotR, rope drop to get through a teir 1 (Not TOT) that isn’t a FP, whatever FP teir 1 you get, your teir 2 FP. If you make your FP’s for as early as possible you might be able to get another FP…might be, but doubtful. You can generally ride TOT before 10 with a 40 minute wait. It gets crazy later. Star Tours is also easily ridden with 40 or under Then LEAVE.

On day 2 same thing. Make a FP for a different teir 1 and rope drop to the other one.

The way your plan is now if you are saying you have made another Teir 1 FP, not ones for what you have listed. You will wait an hour or two if you go to Mel Falcon at rope drop, 50 minutes for TOT, and 120 minutes for Rnrc.

This sounds a lot like what I’m planning for our two DHS days. I’ve put together personalized touring plans, and it looks reasonable to do the days like that.

Obviously these need a little work, still (because news is light on MMRR and boarding passes, etc), but here’s my rough plans:


We are doing two DHS days on our March trip as well. Our plan is to do all the Star Wars attractions (including Jedi Training and Launch Bay) on our first DHS day. I also have a RnRC FP+ that day to hit on our way out of the park.

The second DHS day we’ll RD ToT and RnRC, hit SDD with our FP+ and do the other TSL attractions around that time. We’ll fill in time with shows and maybe hit MMRR at the end of our day depending on what the lines are like.

I’m not sure the best plan, but this will hopefully work for us.

We’ve also planned 2 days for DHS. One before MMRR opens and one after MMRR opens (we’re there the first week of March). If we can get through most things on the first day, great. If not, that’s fine I’ve got a second day. I can’t figure out how to set up a realistic TP for my family though. I think it’s going to be a lot of winging it after we’ve used our 3 morning FPs.

I’m doing 2 days as well in middle of March. I’m assuming MMRR will be a boarding pass and that I’ll need 2 different mornings (1 for ROTR and 1 for MMRR).

RD a Tier 1 ride each day and fast pass the other.

I doubt it will work as cleanly as it seems without significant waits unfortunately.

What is best time for Millenium Falcon ride? My son wants that BAD!

My 2 Day DHS Plan is

Day 1 - SWGE + shows / characters
Day 2 - TSL + “E-Ticket” rides and anything left over