2 connecting rooms at POP

I am looking into what I want to do for an Aug 2019 trip.
It would be me & my BF - with his 2DDs 13 & 15 at that time.
We were going to go last year and stay at AoA - but we had to cancel it.
I was just looking at prices to get an idea & the price of a Pop room is less than 1/2 the AoA suite.
Anyone have any experience with booking 2 connecting rooms? We couldn’t have the kids on another floor - so I would need to make sure that I actually did get them connecting.
The AoA has a lot more theme to it - but the kids will be older and I don’t know that they are going to care that much.

They won’t guarantee connecting rooms unless there are more kids than adults. I’m not sure they actually 100% guarantee them even then.

That is what I was worried about - they don’t seem to like to guarantee much.
Has anyone heard about time when they didn’t give connecting rooms that were requested?
It would be about $600 less to get 2 rooms at Pop right now with no discounts. There are a lot of other things I could do with that $600 - like a desert party a couple of character meals, some other up-charge Disney creates between now & then :slight_smile:

I went to Pop last year 12/20-12/26 with DH and DS 19 & DS 17. I requested connecting rooms on the phone to a cast member. When I did online check in, I chose 80s(for newly renovated room) and top floor. We got all requests including connecting rooms. It was perfect. I had originally booked AoA suite and changed it to 2 PoP rooms about 30 days prior to leaving. After showing both DS, they both said they would prefer the 2 POP rooms and it saved us money. We enjoyed it so much, we are going back 12/08-12/14. Prior to last Dec trip, we had not been in 14 years.

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I’d guess that if you explain at the front desk, they’d do their best to accommodate you.

I will say that the first time I considered changing over to Pop, I called and spoke to a male cast member who did tell me that if my children were younger, they could guarantee, but as old as they were, they could not. He was also not very friendly. When I made my final decision to switch to POP from AoA, I spoke to a female cast member. I told her that I realize my sons are adults, but I would feel more comfortable if they were closer to us. She said of course…they are family and you want a connecting room. I will request that for you. I feel like my getting the requested room had a lot do with her. She was so nice.


We have always requested connecting rooms at Pop ad always gotten them. And we are four adults! It might make a difference what time you check in. Maybe they are all given out if you are quite late. Hope you get yours.

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We have gotten 2 connecting rooms at CBR and POR the last 4 trips. They have never been “guaranteed” but we got them each time. I also got a “travel with” number and linked the two reservations, so not sure if that helps or is standard practice. I feel like they should always plan to put groups side by side regardless but maybe not all have the connecting door. This next trip DS will be 17 and 14 and I would feel ok if they were adjoining but not connecting or two doors down but not on another floor or another building. We also have 2 younger kids, hence the two rooms.