2 bedroom standard view AK, recommendations?

After much soul searching, I’ve decided to do a split stay using DVC Points and spend spend 2 nights at Bay Lake Tower in a one bedroom lake view, and then move to AKL Kidani to a 2 bedroom standard view for 6 nights. This will save a whopping $1,728 over staying 8 nights in a 2 bedroom lake view at BLT. While I generally hate switching hotels on vacay, I think with minimal unpacking at BLT and saving our grocery delivery to AKL, this savings is well worth the hassle. Of course I could stay entire 8 nights at AKL but I have a serious bucket list goal of staying at BLT! It actually works out with my current schedule: We planned to spend arrival day (Sat) and day 1 (Sun=EMM) at MK anyway with a resort afternoon later that Sunday so we should get good use of those 2 nights at BLT. And, while our family dynamic has us staying at 2 bedroom condos most vacays, we can get by 2 nights in a one bedroom no problem. Coincidentally, our Monday plans already had us going to AK, so at our mid day break we will head to Kidani instead of BLT, and hopefully our room will be ready by 3.30pm!

This is a long way around asking folks for best room recommendation for 2 bedroom standard at AKL. TP doesn’t have a TP Pick for this category. I hear all the time that there are a few rooms where partial savanah views come with the territory. Any recommendations from folks who’ve stayed there? I know the views won’t be great, but I’ll shoot for best one possible and live with outcome! If I pay for a 2 bedroom Savanah view then the savings over BLT drops dramatically to just $700, and the main driver of this switch is to save major $$$$.

Planning on next October, so I will need to pay in full and submit my DVC point rental request in November, so need to budget and decide by early fall. Sooo far away!

Thx in advance.

Did you want to ask a similar question on chat? I think some people are trying to help?

Good idea. I’ve made some progress using room finder, and there aren’t a ton of options. It looks like I would have to put in: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villa North Trail, Flr 3, North Facing Room: Example: 7759, or Flr 4 or 5, NW Facing Room, Example: 7853.

If a lot of people check in on Sat and Sun and request partial Savanah views, then likely not much availabliity remaining when we check in (given only a handful of 2 bedrooms would likely qualify). Worth a try, though. Doesn’t look like any 2 bedroom on the south/sunset savanah side are options.

This might help a bit.

On the map, the rooms to the left (as you look at it) of the pool area overlook the Pembe savannah. Although smaller, and no giraffes, it does have the red river hogs - or used to, despite where they’ve drawn one).

Not sure which other rooms are partial savannah view though, unless it’s the ones right at the end.

Be aware I have seen a few people post recently that Member Services have refused to accept “partial savannah view” as a request for a standard room. So you may want to / have to avoid that term. Or use the TP fax and hope whoever reads it will accept it.

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Wow. This is super helpful. Yes, I had heard that, so was going to use the language TP requested; Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villa North Trail, Flr 3, North Facing Room: Example: 7759, or Flr 4 or 5, NW Facing Room, Example: 7853.

Your map confirms that I don’t want to be anywhere near a standard room on South Trail b/c they all overlook parking lot. So, this exercise was useful in understanding options and if at least gets me in a North, NorthWest facing room on the North side (versus N/E), I might have a fighting chance of avoiding the parking lot.

In the end, I’m not sure I can combine a TP Fax with a DVC Points rental (I believe the owner needs to the submit the request), although I can’t see why being redundant wouldn’t hurt 5 days out.

While I’d love to upgrade to Savanah, I’m splurging on BLT for two nights on the front end of this trip and would prefer the space (2 bedrooms) over guaranteed giraffe views, although I might take that back if we are over the parking lot :).

I needed to do all this legwork so I know what I will be paying for (and requesting) a full 11 months out with a DVC points rental.

Thank you fo rthe great map!!

You’re welcome. Someone posted it for me, at least it now helps someone else.

You could do the fax and MS, but you need to make sure they say the same thing. And do not select anything on the on-line check in page!


Keep in mind that the DVC rooms in Jambo House are only on floors 5 & 6. At Kidani, it’s of course the whole hotel. ETA Scratch all that. I see you said Kidani in your original post. Carry on…