2 bedroom for trip with in-laws

Hello! We are using DVC points for a trip with my in laws Jan 2022. I have a RIV 2 bedroom reserved but was hoping to swap at 7 mo for something that costs less points. It will be my family of 5 (kids will be 4, 7, and 9) and MIL and FIL. MIL may have some mobility issues- we are debating getting her a scooter. I’ve realized that not much may be available at 7 mo so am looking for feedback on a few resorts. OKW has large 2 bedrooms - I’m just not familiar with the resort layout and whether it would work for us. If considering AKL - we liked kidani (we walk a lot and don’t mind long hallways) but they’re having a pool refurb and the debate would be room request near lobby or closer to Jambo? Jambo has a beautiful lobby but may not be available. We love all of the wilderness lodge and Beach club or boardwalk are on our bucket list - availability is not likely at any of these. Saratoga is a no as OKW would win between the two. VGF costs more than riviera points. BLT could be considered but wouldn’t save points as the less expensive views will be gone. Any suggestions/advice on these resorts?

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Will this be around the marathon or MLK weekend?

I don’t believe they have listed dates for marathon. We are somewhat flexible but booked dates that begin Sunday before MLK - Friday. I can move those around if I need to.

I just looked around and a couple of sites have the weekend of January 9th listed for the marathon.


One thing about OKW is that only a couple of buildings have elevators, and I believe they are in the Preferred points category. If you stay there you’ll need to call and make sure they put a note in the reservation that you need to either be in those buildings or in first floor villa.


Things may have changed since we stayed at OKW, but another thing to consider is how close you are to the bus stop, if you’re taking the bus. It’s a very large resort. We really liked OKW when we took the whole family plus a nanny. Traveling with extended family it’s always good to have the room.

Also, if you’re in doubt about getting an ECV- get an ECV. Just do it. I have been able to “get by” without an ECV but the experience for both me and my family is far better with one. As you know, WDW is a lot for anyone to handle. And this would favor OKW as the rooms are big enough to park and charge an ECV (although I’ve left them in the hallway at YC and never had a problem).

The off-site rental agencies are excellent, and the machines are better than WDW’s. Have a great time!


We stayed at a 2br at akl jambo. I think they are all lock offs if that matters. I wouldn’t spring for a savanna view. Elevators are good and resort is much smaller than okw.

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Do you know off-hand what the pros/cons of a lock-off is compared to a dedicated 2-BR? I have a reservation at Jambo so just curious what I’m missing / getting by being in a lockoff!

It definitely feels like 2 separate hotel rooms if that makes sense. Like a 1 br with an adjoining space

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Here are the differences, which could pretty much all be pro or con, depending on your circumstances.

  • In a dedicated 2br the second bedroom would have 2 actual beds, where in a lock-off it has one bed and one sofa bed.
  • In some lock-offs that are newer or have been renovated the second bedroom/studio has the pull down single bed. You generally get more bed, but less storage.
  • The second bedroom/studio will have its own door to the hallway. This may or may not be ideal, depending on who is sleeping there
  • The minifridge and microwave also may or may not be ideal

The living room and master suite are typically the same in most 1br and 2br.


I would think if the marathon is an in-person event, then it would be the 9th. Normally it’s the first weekend in January, but as it starts on the Thursday this year it would be the second weekend.

I think it may run (sorry for the pun) with a limited entry.


They’re always the same.

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Yes, the Boston Marathon is currently scheduled for October (should have been this past Monday). They are offering a virtual run and limited registration for the actual race.

A lock-off 2-bedroom at SSR would get you the extra twin sized pull-down in the living room. Not sure if that would be a bonus since you have 3 kids. And walkable to DS if you have a date night since the grandparents will be there!

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OKW also has the single sleeper chair in the living room, which is great for the younger ones.


We have been promised a date night - which will be our first ever in WDW!! We might just run around and ride rides and eat ice cream LOL.

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I’m new to DVC but feeling like availability will be pretty limited for Jan 2022…is this normal or due to extra covid points and travel demand? I figured studios would be full early but it seems 2 beds are filling up too!

I think it’s going to be harder for almost everywhere as people have points they’re going to want to use that they may have been having to sit on. We got lucky though and got a two bedroom lock off at Jambo House in October right at the 7 month mark as we’re going with my parents and kids. I’m actually pretty happy with the lock off as my parents can have their own space and get up and get their own coffee and stuff without coming into the main kitchen/living room if they don’t want to.

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That sounds great!!