2-3 hours on a January Saturday night

We will be landing in Orlando at 4:45 pm Saturday Jan 25, 2020. A few years ago on the same date, we made our way to MK and enjoyed 3-4 hours at the park since it closed at 10 pm. This year it looks like MK, AK, HS close at 8 pm and Epcot closes at 9 pm. Trying to decide if we go to dinner or hit a park. What do you all think?

It is still pretty early, I would be surprised if MK doesn’t change hours to at least 9 on a Saturday. If it doesn’t change, I would do dinner elsewhere. Maybe at an MK resort so you can see fireworks? Maybe do HDDR?

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I just looked and the same Saturday weekend in 2019 closed at 11 pm and in 2018 it closed at midnight. You are right, it probably will change.

We will be getting there that same day, tho Idk what time yet, bc Southwest hasn’t released flights yet. Im wondering what times will end up being as well, But we planned to do HDD that night.