1st trip to DW

First time coming to DW. Coming from New Zealand and staying on site (Swan). 3 of the four parks we have early admission.
If parks opens at 8am what time should me an my family be at the gate?

When should we use our FPP from 8 - 9am or lock them in 9 - 10 or 10 - 11. At the park Oct 5th to the morning of the 8th.
2 Adults 2 teens so mainly looking at doing the adult rides etc… What rides could you recommend in this regard.
Thanks Very Much

What parks will you be going to for early hours? If it is EMHs then FPs will not start until 9.

Hi, Paul! Yay for your first trip – so exciting!!

If we’re not talking EMH, I’d wait about 30-45 minutes after park open to book your fast passes, as you’ll be able to do walk-on lines for a couple of rides if you’re there at rope drop (I’d get there at least 20 minutes prior to be safe, though some may recommend earlier).

For the rides for your family, I’d recommend the “mountains” at MK, Soarin’ at Epcot (unless you want to do Test Track as a family instead of single-rider), FoP of course at AK though I’m also a huge fan of KS, and ToT/RRC at HS.

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If you have early entry and are taking Disney transportation, I would plan to get to the bus stop about an hour before park open. I know a lot of people will say earlier than that but we have generally found it to be enough time. Maybe 20 to 30 minutes earlier for AK.

If EMH starts at 8:00, you can book your first fastpass for 9:00. I usually try to schedule one for around 9 and then the others as soon after as possible so that I can look for a 4th close to lunch time.

For rides, I would suggest FOP, the safari and EE at AK. At Epcot definitely Soarin and Test Track. For HS, RnRC and TOT are musts. We also really enjoyed Star Tours and TSMM. At MK the mountains and POC would be the ones you won’t want to miss. There are also a ton of great shows and smaller rides.

I’m sure you’ll have a great trip!

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Hi there, yes we are EMH , so I read somewhere be at the “gate” at 7.30 ready to go… would you agree?

And would that be the same for AK and HS?

Thanks so much. I will be trying to book FPP 60 days out as part of our resort package.

Can I try and book the 4th after I have used the 1st?

After you have used your third (tapped your band to enter the line) you can book the 4th. So you could have your 4th booked while your still in line for the 3rd :grinning:

I hope you have a great time, it is well worth the long flights!

I would agree with two exceptions: 1. If you are going to go to Flights of Passage at opening of AK you need to be there before 7:00. 2. Currently HS has been opening around 30 minutes early. I would be there by 7:00 too.

No, you have to use all three before you can book a fourth. Then you can book a new one after using each subsequent fastpass.

I agree on the AK picks for FP noted above. However for Epcot you cannot book Soaring and Test Track as Fast passes together. You can only pick one of Soaring, TT, Frozen and Character spot. I would pick TT as Soaring is a bit easier to walk on. You can then do two other ones. Possibly Mission Space and Spaceship Earth.

For HS I think the consensus now is Slinky Dog, RnRC and TOT for FP in terms of time savings.

For MK the longest waits are 7D, Peter Pan and Space Mountain. If you do not care for Peter Pan then Splash is probably next as it will probably be hot.

Thanks team for all your input.
I have been working on the 1st day plan to MK. Is a early closure, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party: Have to out by 6 i guess
So will be cramming in rides my teenagers want to do. 60 days out will be trying to lock in the FPP. Need some guidance on which FFP I should go for after 9am.
we will plan to get there at 7 - 7.15am from the Swan.

Thinking of the following plan;
PPF 8.15
Space M 8.37
BLSR 9.18
Pirates 9.54
Splash M 10.11 FPP
BTMR 10.50 FFP
THM 11.47 FFP
spare time here (maybe try for other rides)
Lunch 12.50
spare time here (maybe try for other rides)
2.50 Rest
3.21 Under the Sea
Enchanted Tales
4.17 Winie the Pooh

What you think team Just want to hit the big rides then look at other attractions in between.

The one thing I notice is that you have planned 4 fastpasses in under three hours. The 2nd and 3rd are probably too close together to be possible and I’m not sure how likely it is that you could get a 4th so soon after the first three. Otherwise it looks like you have left plenty of time.

Hi there

Yes the 4 FFPs i placed thinking they would be my first choice but I know I would have to drop one to try for the first 3. Just getting my head around pre planning the trip. 60 days out on August 5 will see what FPP we will get will finalize the plan.
And I see WDW have rides on tier system A and B

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There are tiers at WDW but fortunately there are no tiers at MK so you won’t have to worry about them there.

After watching a couple youtube videos from TP’s I was thinking if we hit the entry gates at MK at 7am (for EMH opening at 8am) we could get to PPF and SD 1st without the need to use a fast pass? I could then use the fast pass for Splash Mountain, Big Thunder and The Haunted Mansion. What are your thoughts?

whats your thoughts ?

I think you need to choose one of those two to rope drop. They are the 2 most popular attractions, so by the time you complete one the line for the other will have built up. 7D often has an hour wait by 15-30 min after opening. I personally would FP 7D and rope drop PP.

@tinymite454- I just replied to you while trying to send a link, somehow the reply landed up on the thread titled: Publishing Personalized Touring Plan.

As I mention in the reply, I’m well practiced planning Disney on computerized plans and fpps, but hopeless on other computer programs.

ObNurse was kindly trying to guide me, thank you @OBNurseNH . Right now I’m behind the deadline for leaving for family reunion trip. At least I learned this morning how to send a link, unfortunately only so far as someone’s email.

My tutoring can continue once I reach my destination this evening. Thanks for everyone’s patience!

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I agree with @BoilerMomPharmD, the lines build very quickly for PP and 7D. Just to give you an idea, we had a PPO ADR at BOG. We finished our meal and headed over to 7D just before 9 am (it was a 9 am opening that day). We rode 7D with no wait, joined the queue and rode again with a 20 minute wait, then by the time we had finished the second ride, the wait was about an hour. Another day we headed over to PP just after park opening but not immediately at RD, and the wait was 40 minutes.

Thanks have locked that in so hoping 60 days out I can get the 7D FP.

Im planing the same for AK , EMH so will head to Avatar first then FP Navi, Kilimanjaro then Everest