1st trip to Disneyland.....a couple of questions

Hello All,

I am a WDW vetereran (over 10 visits) making my first trip to DL and DCA. There will be 3 of us traveling…my wife, 14 yo daughter and myself. Our flight arrives at Orange County airport at 9:35 am on Wednesday, June 3. We will be staying 3 nights at the Hyatt and departing early on Saturday. My first question is if we should purchase a 3 day ticket and hit one of the parks the first day or just purchase a 2 day ticket and visit DTD the first day and then one park Thursday and the other Friday? I am assuming I would be able to make it to the park the first day by noon. Also, is it worth spending the extra money for the park hopper option? I have never visited WDW without a park hopper, but I just didn’t know if it was necessary for DL/DCA.

I would get a 3-day hopper. Hoppers are absolutely necessary since the two park entrances are about 100 steps apart. Downtown Disney is also a quick walk away. Since you can get everywhere so easily, I would definitely go to the park for a bit when you arrive, maybe go to dinner at DTD and then come back to the park for the evening.

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I second @mALYficent’s response.

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I agree as well, in favor of the three-day park hopper. When we have gotten into SNA at a similar time, we’ve been into the parks by around 11:00 or 11:30 to get plenty done in our first day.

DTD is not as large at DLR as at WDW, so I wouldn’t allot too much time to DTD .

Thank you…3 day park hopper it is!