1st Timer Plan: Is it doable?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been to WDW countless times but this is my first adventure out West! DH and I are doing a week in Aulani and have added a few days at Disneyland before we go. I have a plan I think will work but wanted to get your opinions/input since I know nothing about Disneyland!!

The Plan:
9/21 Fly out of Philly - Flight lands at LAX around 9:30am
Car Service (Lansky based off recommendations i’ve seen here) to Paradise Pier Hotel
Spend the day recovering from jet lag/relaxing at the pool/enjoying Downtown Disney

9/22 Spend the day at the parks (will have hopper tickets)

9/23 Day 2 at the parks

This is where I can’t decide what to do…
Option A: Spend the last night at Paradise Pier, Get up super early Sunday morning (9/24) and be at LAX for our 7am flight

Option B: Leave on 9/23 later at night after we’ve finished with the parks and taxi(uber?) to a hotel near LAX. Easier/faster to get to flight in the morning.

I’m leaning towards Option B because I feel like it’d be less rushed getting to the airport but I wanted to see if anyone had any input that I might not be thinking of! Thanks in advance!!

The drive from DLR to LAX can be unpredictable; I’ve done it in under 30 min, but I’ve also been stuck in traffic for over an hour. I think plan B would be less stressful; if you got stuck in really bad traffic, what’s the worst that would happen - you get to your hotel later.

By coincidence, your dates and mine are the same…

What are the chances?! Hahah

That’s what I’ve heard with the traffic so I felt it would be less stressful but I’m glad to hear i’m not just over thinking it! Thanks!

Agree, plan B. 7am is early and it would be stressful to me to have to get to LAX from Anaheim.

I also agree with Plan B. I would opt to be closer to LAX to avoid any headaches.

We took the redeye home. You can sleep on the plane. Also flew from Philadelphia.

That gives you a whole day.

You can watch fireworks from PPH. Did that first night.

Thanks everyone! Just updated our reservation at Disney to change the last night and booked a hotel close to LAX with a free shuttle! Thanks again for the advice! I may be back with more questions :slight_smile:

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In March we used Lansky and had a great experience with them. Both drivers were very professional. It took us 45 minutes from LAX to DLR in the morning. It took 75 minutes from DLR to LAX in late afternoon. Our drive told us it took him 2 hours to get from LAX to DLR to pick us up that afternoon.
We are using Lansky again in December.