1st time stay at Poly in March. What building should we request?

I just found this web site so first time posting and thank you for all your knowledge.
My wife and I are celebrating 26 anniversary in March and have booked the Poly for our first time. We have no mobility issues or anything like that and will be traveling without children this trip. We do prefer a king bedroom but most of all don’t want to get stuck looking at a dumpster or a parking lot. Can someone recommend the better buildings to ask for?

Have you tried checking the TP Room View Finder? It worked well for us! We had totally different circumstances (needed queens, had small children and grandparents along) so our personal experience wouldn’t be all that helpful to you but this tool is fantastic. https://touringplans.com/hotel_maps/disneys-polynesian-resort

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If having a king bed is important, I would just ask for that. I think the parking lot views are DVC?

How can you figure out which building is DVC?

Try this link to Tikiman’s website

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