1st time cruiser electrical outlet question

We have a deluxe family suite with veranda, does anyone know how many outlets are available to plug devices in or if I need to invest in an approved power strip…thanks!
7 more days still we sail!
4 more days till I’m in Disney World!

I hope you get an answer here, but even if you don’t, please come back after your trip and let us know what you found out. I’m trying to find answers to this question, too.

Thanks. Have a great trip, by the way.

I didn’t make particular note, but there may only be 2 outlets near the desk. There was another near the bed, but it was not a regular US plug (possibly a European adapter would fit, though).

Everything I’ve read said that outlets were at a serious premium in the DCL cabins. I bought a little extender that has 3 outlets and 2 USB ports to use in my cabin.

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My advise - keep the DEVICES to a minimum ( I know we have 5 computers, 3 iPhones, 3 iPads) - but on vacation - especailly a cruise - try to UNPLUG. However to your question - they are at a premium. There are some in the bathroom and 2 near the desk if I remember correctly. So if you have a bounty of devices - you will want to bring an extender. We actually got a USB extender - 1 plug - 4 USB ports. We even use it in a regular hotel room so that all the devices are together and not scattered about.


Just got off fantasy. 3 and we just charged our phones

Thanks for the info, Jenniemouse. I hope you had a great time. :slight_smile:

The Disney Dream 3 night cruise was wonderful, also had two plugs on desk and one by bed, use a three way plug for phones/camera and small fan. Everything worked wonderful…thanks Liners!

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