1979 Magic Kingdom map

Sorry about sidewise. It’s BIG, had to turn my phone. Just found this. I know I wasn’t there in 1979 but maybe 1983.



Thank you for posting. I enjoy seeing these old maps.

Brings back some great memories from my childhood.

“If You Had Wings” … Terrible ride, but my brother and I once rode it over and over late at night when it was walk on.

Edit to add: Now I can’t get the If You Had Wings song out of my head.


I thought some here might like to see it. I don’t remember “if you had wings” but I do remember and miss the skyway


Minnie’s outfit reminds me of this.


That map is pristine!

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It was the Eastern Airlines ride in Tomorrowland (the area that is currently Buzz). The most memorable part for me was the wind tunnell where your ride vehicle tilted back, there were screens on both sides, and there was air blowing to create a wind effect.


Hello, I just joined Touring Plans after my brother sent me the link to your map post. He knows I’m a big fan of Disney World Maps. If you would like a little history:
Your map I refer to as “Mickey over Space Mountain” There is a 1979 version (your’s) and a 1987 version with some minor differences. I have an original 1987 version and a photo copy of this 1979 version. The reason I call these “Mickey over Space Mountain” is because there is a similar 1975 map I named "North over Space Mountain. I own an original of that also. If you are interested in selling your map or know of anyone else interested in selling the same 1979 version please let me know. If you decide to keep it, I hope you enjoy the memories it brings back. Best Regards, Joe G


Welcome to the forum Joe, and thanks for all the GREAT details on the maps!!! Since this was our final move I’m able to pour through boxes and reminisce. My DH thought we should frame it, but it’s about 36” square :crazy_face:. I never thought anyone would want it but I need to remember where I am… can I ask how you store yours to keep them I good condition. I really got lucky this time. I have a book from MK @1971 that’s been loved.


Yes they are an uncommon size. I have mine in my office so I can get away with some unconventional methods and my wife is understanding. I attached a strip of plastic “U” shaped stripping to the wall and then I use little clips to attach the poster to the plastic strip. You can see on the left wall as well.

They also make magnetic picture hangers, but I’m not sure if they make a large enough one. I have a 16" one and it just clips on the top.

I hope this helps or gives you some ideas!


Thanks for the ideas! I’ll have to see if they have a bigger version I’ve used for laminated posters

Here’s the book well loved but the map isn’t showing Space Mtn. I got this book in 1971. I just noticed all the “future” resorts that are not :nerd_face:


Put me down for that Future Persian Resort.


I like how Hall.of Presidents and the Country Bear Jamboree are the first two listed headliners for MK.

I remember waiting in long lines for both in the early 80’s.


Got it hung up with some interesting albeit temporary “framing”

edited to add the framing link: Amazon.com - Magnetic Poster Hanger Frame 40” -


Very cool!

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It got me thinking I probably went there in '78 with my parents and sisters.
Of course, our map was most likely trashed when the trip was over.
Pity. I love maps.
(Glances over at the maps for upcoming trip taped to family room wall.)

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Looks Fantastic!

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Thanks :blush:

That looks awesome!! :heart_eyes:

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It was an exciting find going through boxes after final move

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