1900 Park Fare

Another dining timing question! (194 more days!! Whoop!!)
1900 Park Fare … Breakfast or Dinner?
Again, it will be myself, dd who will be 8, and my parents. Both myself & dd have done dinner but not breakfast, my mother has done breakfast but not dinner, and my dad has never been. Oh, and we are definitely doing CRT this trip. TIA!

I haven’t done dinner yet, but I hear the step sisters are a hoot.

That said, we got to interact with the Mad Hatter at breakfast and it was hilarious. My DS11, who is too “cool” to interact with most characters, really enjoyed and had fun with the mad hatter since the hatter is a “live talking character” and was a silly kind of experience.

The food at breakfast I found pretty good. My DS is picky and there was plenty for him to choose from and I’m more “adventurous” and loved the strawberry soup and some other options.

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I’m at 194 today! Where are you staying? I have 1900 planned but may drop it. Not sure yet.

We are staying at CSR, have never stayed there before! Where are you staying?

Pop century

What parks what days are you planning? I think I’m going to order a liner button… Lol maybe we will run into each other

I should order a liner button! I’m not as active on here as I am on Facebook, although I would like to be more active, LOL! We have park hoppers so I have a lot of flexibility to change my mind, but for now I am planning:
Sat 9/19: MK
Sun 9/20: AK/MK
Mon 9/21: DHS
Tue 9/22: Ep/MK/DHS
Wed 9/23: Epcot
Thrs 9/24: AK
Fri 9/25: MK
Sat 9/26: Epcot
We are also doing the MNSSHP. Haven’t quite decided which day yet …

9/24 we will be in AK together!!! If you make a TOuring plan share it with me… I bet we will run across each other there lol

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I will definitely do a touring plan. I already have a spreadsheet with dining and events (eg. illuminations/wishes, etc.) and parks but will add more specifics to it as I go.

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