1900 park fare or Cinderella’s royal table?


If you were only going to do one princess character meal which would be better? Is CInderellas royal table really worth the two table service credits? 1900 park fare looks really fun but eating in the castle might be really cool for my kiddos.


We’ve done both. 1900 was ok, but I felt like I was dining in a standard hotel restaurant. There’s something special about CRT. It’s expensive but if only doing 1 that would be our pick. In January we are not using DDP for CRT. We are paying cash and saving DDP for one credit meals.


Yeah, I looked at some pictures and videos of 1900 park fare and it doesn’t look like there are any windows and looks like kind of a bland setting


I’ve done both.

I found 1900PF small and claustrophobic. It is, as you say, windowless.

But I thought the food was delicious and I’m going again next year. I also found the character interactions really fun.

CRT is a beautiful, grand room. But I found the food disappointingly poor. And I didn’t enjoy the character interactions at all. But that’s because I find face characters weird. And I’m a grown-up. Well, except when it comes to cute animal characters.

But I’m planning on doing CRT next year again, too.


We’ve done both. If cost is not a concern, CRT is the hands-down winner, but we don’t do the dining plan either. Enjoy!


Of the two I honestly preferred 1900. Way better character interaction. The Tremaines are the best!

CRT is not bad but I can’t even recall what I ate, so it’s not memorable either.


I can. They think a salad is an acceptable starter at an $80 lunch.

Put the 1900PF food in the CRT environment and you’ve got a winning combination.




1900 is only 1 princess, CRT is lots, so I’d take that into account. Have you considered Akershus?


Akershus is a solid suggestion. We did this for breakfast last week instead of CRT and enjoyed it (food and princesses) and the (slightly) lower cost.


Thanks all for the suggestions!