1900 Park Fare Dinner - Any special adds on's available here?

Some of you have been great in helping me plan some special extra’s for our May trip that we are turning into a 40th BDay celebration for my wife. Here is the discussion for anyone interested in the backstory: Ideas for a Disney Surprise Splurge

I have landed on trying to select a week of special surprises. Stretching some to include already planned events that was around my dw to begin with. Something we had already planned was 1900 Park Far dinner. We allow both kids to pick a meal and this is my dd’s selection…not as much for Cinderella, but to meet the step sisters! My wife is excited about this one as well and the evening there and seeing the GF will definitely be a hit. I could just add this to the list as it is one of the days i have not found something for yet, but I would like to do something with the meal that she is not expecting.

Has anyone done dinner there recently that knows if there is any special packages that I could add on this event to take it over the top for her? If not, if there special drinks or bottles of wine available that I could surprise her with at this meal? She would not be one to just order a bottle (usually just a house glass), so this would be above and beyond for her.

Any ideas how I can take something selected for my DD and turn it into something special for the dw as well?

The GF has a nice spa, what about a pre-dinner massage while you hang out with the kids?

What about pre-ordering a birthday cake to be delivered at the restaurant?

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Considering spa, but knowing her, she would want to come back prior to going to dinner. May do earlier, trying to gauge if she would want time alone or to chill at the pool with the kids in that time…

We watched the fireworks after dinner on the patio there. Cant see the projections but they pipe in the music and I still cried lol. Maybe cake on the patio? Or champagne?

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The patio where? Right outside 1900. I want to watch from GF.

We ate dinner at 1900 Park Fare 10 days ago and for all of us, it was our favorite meal of the trip. We do a lot of character meals with the kids and I think the food at 1900 Park Fare is the best character buffet food that I have had. They also have a larger drinks menu than any of the other character meals I’ve been to—you can look at it on the Touring Plans website and it includes several options for wines. I’m not a wine drinker but I did have the Rum Swizzle and it was delicious and refreshing. There is also a PhotoPass studio on the 2nd floor of the Grand Floridian and while it just has a standard backdrop (not a screen where they can do all kinds of different backgrounds like the one in Disney Springs), you could get a basic family portrait done there if you think she might like that. I’m not sure about the hours however. I also can’t remember from your other post if you have decided on purchasing MemoryMaker or not, but if not I would recommend that as an extra. You can always just ask the PhotoPass photographers to take a picture with your phone and they will happily do so, but I love MemoryMaker/PhotoPass as it includes the ride pictures and magic shots, etc and I don’t feel the need to be getting out my phone all the time to take photos

Yes right outside

Yes, we will have magic maker. Did not know about the photo studio at GF, that sounds like another great idea either before or after our dinner. Thanks.

They call it a photo studio but it is just an area with a vague backdrop, photo studio lighting and photopass photographer…I guess that constitutes a studio. I guess I’m just trying to say that it is not a separate room, it is just by the elevators on the 2nd floor lobby area.


One other thing that I have read about but have no personal experience with is “character couture” makeovers, which is like a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for adults (but kids can also do this). One of the locations they do this is in the Grand Floridian Ivy Trellis Salon. Not sure if this would be something that your wife and daughter would enjoy doing together. From my understanding, you choose your favorite princess and then get hair and make up ± nails done in a character inspired way, maybe plus a tiara, not sure. Personally, I could see my daughter roping me into this at sometime in the future and I could imagine how she would love to have that experience with me (…and I with her)…but if it we’re just me…not my style.

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Do it before dinner you have small kids they do get messy while eating sometimes.

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I signed up my daughter for this on our next trip!

Some details I learned. You can pick hair makeup and nails or any combo. I’m just doing hair. The appt is only 30 mins. The hairstyles online look really cool! I picked and changed from BBB because I think she would love a real Elsa braid. Just for hair I want to say it’s like 70, tip was included.

But your wife and daughter could do it together before dinner. And reservations I’d make it in advance but you should have your choice still for May.

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Also touring plans has a video about character couture.

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