1900 park fare breakfast

Has anyone gone to the breakfast at 1900 Park Fare lately? Curious as to what characters were there. Thanks!

I was there a week ago today!

Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland
The Mad Hatter

Awesome! Would you recommend it?

Yes, I would. It was fun to interact with face characters (or whatever they call the ones you can actually talk to).

We wound up at more character meals than anticipated (Chef Mickey’s, Tusker House, and Crystal Palace) before Park Fare, which was our last breakfast of the trip, and we still enjoyed it!

Plus, you are “jollyholiday” so you have to go! Seriously, I have always loved seeing Mary Poppins in the park and she was lovely – but there is only one Julie Andrews.

I’m going there for the first time in May. Our ADR is for 9:30am & I was curious how much time you allotted for it in your plan? We will be heading to MK for a few hours afterwards. I currently have our plan starting at 11am. Do you think that’s enough time for a Saturday morning?

Yes, I think so. Even if breakfast goes over an hour to see everyone, you’re only stop away on the monorail.

Plus, you could always show up 5 or 10 minutes early.

Have a wonderful trip!

Thank you. That’s our check out day, so I may actually need that 15 minute grace period if we can’t get the van packed in time!

It was our check out day, too!

Originally we had an 11 ADR & we were going to head out to the beach part of our vacation but I scored a spring discount & Disney added an extra park day! So I moved up the ADR, will valet the car and use 3 FP & do whatever little things we can fit in before leaving. It kills me not being able to utilize the whole day but I keep reminding myself it’s just a bonus.

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Was there any trouble getting to your reservation? What route did you take (Monorail from Magic Kingdom or Epcot, boat, etc.)? We have a breakfast reservation and I want to get there on time. Thanks for answering what may seem like dumb questions to someone who has already been there.

In June 2015, my family did this and loved it. We had an 8:30 or so ADR on a non-park day. We took a bus from PORS to MK and then the monorail to GF. It took a while (bit more than an hour - we left our resort at 7, arrived a bit after 8) but we weren’t in a hurry and my weird kids love riding the Disney bus. We had no problems getting there or finding the restaurant, and we enjoyed looking around the GF for a few minutes. Our meal lasted about 75 minutes and we had some really great character interactions (Mary popping, Alice, mad hatter, pooh and tigger)

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I think @awspoede’s reply will be more valuable to you. We were staying at the GF so getting the there was pretty easy! :wink: