1900 Fare breakfast or dinner if back

It is not back yet but assuming 1900 Fare is back…would you choose breakfast there or dinner? No it depends on which characters you like, no explanation, just choose breakfast or dinner.

Dinner (I’ve done both. Dinner is better for food and characters…how can one not give an explanation. Lol)

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Agree 100%


Hi - I’ve done both and honestly really liked both meals but dinner definitely felt more interactive and the stepsisters were hilarious

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Breakfast. But we don’t have princess fans and the step sisters were MIA the night we did dinner. And I love Mary Poppins, and the Mad Hatter is hilarious. And I love a breakfast buffet.

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I am going to give the edge to dinner for the step family and prime rib (assuming it returns).

That said, Strawberry Soup is on the buffet for both meals, and the Mad Hatter & Mary Poppins are almost as good as the step family.

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Dinner, not morning or big breakfast people