181 days - booked some dining

Hi, I was able to make several reservations today. Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be our Guest, Sci-fi, Garden Grill, O’Hana. I need something for Animal Kindgom. I tried River of Lights but it wouldn’t let me book anything. Any suggestions for an Animal Kingdom meal? Also, anyone like the Fantasmic Package? Will try to get Via Napolia. Also, any suggestions for Disney Springs restaurants? Thanks for all of the help!

Dining packages won’t open up until later.

If you want to see Fantasmic and will be eating at DHS it makes sense (imo) to get a package, but again they won’t be open yet. Could be another couple of months until they open up.

We loved Raglan Road.

Do they set tables aside specifically for F! packages, or is there a risk that restaurants will fill up while people are waiting to buy the packages?

I would definitely recommend Tusker House, it’s a character meal as well and the food is pretty good! When we were there last April, you could get ROL dining package with Tusker or Tiffins, which is supposed to be pretty good as well. Most places in AK are good… so choice a plenty depending on what kind of food you like, such as spicy, Asian, African etc.

AuntB_luvsDisney, I have read that Raglan Road is awesome.

mammaschouten, I will try to get Tusker House as we get a little closer.


The Fastasmic packages have the seating area for the show but it no longer includes an appetizer during your trip. I will second the Raglan Road suggestion- or Homecoming.

No, they will keep some tables back until the dining packages are released.

I don’t know if you know that the latest you’ll be able to book dinner is around 4:30 / 5:00 pm. You can book the package for lunch or dinner (or breakfast at H&V but unless you really want a buffet / character meal I would go for one of the others).