180 tomorrow night... what to do?

I’ve looked at the BOG menu and I just can’t see my family being happy with what they serve at any meal. But it seems a shame to pass up the chance to eat there. What are some favourites there? And is breakfast, lunch or dinner the best choice?

Also, we’re staying at the Contemporary, so DH wants to take the kids for dinner to a restaurant on the monorail line, as that’s what his parents had done with them many years ago. But we’re more about the standard American fare, not sushi or spicy food. We want table service, but not ‘wear a jacket/cocktail dress’ kind. So what do you recommend?

Finally, on our early morning, must make RD day, what should we do about breakfast at the Contemporary? I thought about Chef Mickey’s, but my boys are not into the characters. Also, we’ll have just come off the Fantasy, so I think they’ll have had their fill of them. Would I be better off just going to the Contempo Cafe? Or should I do Chef Mickey’s and not worry about who I meet or not? Also, what sort of time should I alot for either? Gotta make that RD!

I think BOG with the chance to meet the Beast is the best experience if you are to pick only one. Food wise?Maybe try lunch?

I would say for a family meal go to 'Ohana. It is a sit down meal, good food and activities for the kids!

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Thanks, Principal Tinker. I should have mentioned that my boys will be 14 and 12. Will they still like Ohana?

Not to be mean, but if you aren’t going to like it…why waste the time and money? It’s certainly not a cheap meal, and, more importantly, isn’t the whole point of your trip to enjoy everything you do/eat?

For BOG, my opinion is it’s best use is a pre-rope drop breakfast. For my stay, I did just that and [pre]ordered the open face bacon egg and cheese. While the theming of the restaurant is top notch, and the food was quite delicious, I do feel it needs to be said that the food was, however, rather luke warm when it got to me (and it did not take long to get to me either, I want to say I grabbed a seat and food came to me within 5-10 minutes? just long enough to grab flatware and drinks)

That sounds bad, but it really is the only negative I can conjure for this place, and I truly didn’t feel it was that big a deal. There are so many other positives to this place. For example, drinks (both hot and cold) are free refills for breakfast, and, if you are like me and enjoy strolling through a near-empty park, finishing up and being able to grab a cup of coffee and leave to go wander was a real treat and worth every penny. As I look back on my trip, one of the best highlights was finishing up before rope drop, and casually wandering down to adventure land, as a cast member is finishing up a Mickey water-craft painting on the ground.

Regarding your chef Mickey dilemma, I kinda had the same issue as I was staying at the contemporary as well: Wanted a close-by breakfast, but no character meets. I ended up going to The Wave and trying their buffet. I thought it was a decent, no character, breakfast and I found the service there to be really outstanding. I suspect they use the same food “pool” that chef mickey’s uses. So you get your Mickey waffles and other perfectly fine breakfast fare, but don’t expect a life-changing experience. As far as how much time, shoot for earlier the better, but I would expect a 90 minute window, regardless where you end up.


I did not think the food at BOG breakfast was that great, but I would definitely recommend doing BOG breakfast if you can get an 8 am pre-RD reservation. We did that, and being able to walk in an empty park, eat a quick breakfast, and then ride a few rides before the park officially opened was totally worth it!

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I second this suggestion - Ohana is perfect for a family meal and you don’t have to be fancy! Fun for kids too! Good luck w/ ADRs!

Not mean at all. That was my thinking. I just felt that there might be something I was missing. You make a good point about pre-RD. Walking with purpose behind the CMs is stressful and we are usually going to Space Mountain. My mom, with her walker just tells us to meet her outside after the ride. She’d never keep up.

But a chance at 7DMT first thing, before Space Mountain? Hmm. Are all the rides running before RD or just one or two?

As you’ve said, the chance at an empty park is nice. There’s a feeling of space. You can relax a little without worrying about the next line up.

I’ve only had lunch at BOG, and I would describe it as a totally unremarkable QS sandwich served in a very pretty location. I have no plans on returning for lunch. If I can come by it easily, I may go for dinner if I don’t feel like leaving the park.

As for TS meals on the mono loop, V&A is the only jacket and cocktail dress location. California Grill is probably my favorite restaurant in WDW, and watching Wishes from the deck is pretty cool. If you’re not up for signature prices, you might consider the Wave. I had a horrible experience there due to the (lack of) service, but the food was quite good and it generally gets very good reviews here. Ohana at the Poly is very popular; nothing too exotic and all you can eat meat (and other stuff). Although you can get (very good )sushi and other exotic dishes at Kona, there are a number of “traditional” items on the menu as well. At the GF, both Citrico’s and Narcoossee’s are very good, but if I was only having one signature meal, I would choose CG hands down over either of these. I’ve never been to 1900 Park Fare,but it’s a CM, so your DSs may not be interested.

CM is goingto be a time sink with very mediocre food. The ONLY reason to go there is to meet the characters; if you’re not interested inthem, skip it. The Wave has a breakfast buffet that typicallygets better reviews for the food (I virtually never eat “big” breakfasts, so I have no personal experience there). The fastest would certainly be Contempo, which is certainly not “great” food, but it will fill you and it is (relatively) fast. My typical “breakfast” is a cup (or two) of coffee and a pastry of some sort either at the resort or in whatever park I’m going to.


GWhen I went, I don’t think any ride was active before rope drop, but there was a “staging” line for 7dmt. (You couldn’t go into the queue, but there was a line outside of it.) And, obviously, it was fairly short. Those coming from BOG certainly had an advantage.

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Hmm. But then, I’d be in the Space Mountain line up, as I wouldn’t be through with the Mine Train before RD. :frowning:

For what it’s worth, I have not been to WDW since BOG opened. I very much want to see the inside of the castle but I have little interest in eating a whole meal there. If you’re not thrilled with the menu, but still want to see the inside, consider visiting for dessert. We’re just going to order some cupcakes or something, enjoy our snack, check out the castle and be on our way. I will get to see the castle and my family won’t be subjected to a meal nobody is really excited about eating.

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Dessert is a good idea. I’ll look into that.

If you have two teen/preteen boys and you MUST make rope drop I would think you would want the fastest possible breakfast that would allow them to sleep the longest and that would definitely either be Contempo Cafe or buy something at a bakery the night before!

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I have the rather unpopular opinion of very much disliking BoG. We’ve had lunch and dinner there and weren’t impressed with either meal. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy it do yourself a favor and skip it. there is too much good food available elsewhere.

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Melcort10, you hit the nail on the head! Teenagers! And yes, RD is imperative. The best touring hours of the day are the first 2, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

I was on a free dining plan this summer and I judged all meals by a “would I have happily paid for it” point of view. BOG is great value for a QS credit but otherwise I think it’s massively overpriced! If you won’t enjoy the food I wouldn’t bother and certainly there’s nothing that would thrill a teenage boy in the castle itself. It’s a very girly experience I think. (My 12 yo son was perfectly happy to breakfast there but we could have been anywhere).

I echo the recommendation for Ohana - good food, laid back and nothing girly in sight. There’s some audience participation dancing - but it’s totally ignorable!

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Thanks. So maybe a dessert for BOG, but otherwise, I’ll find something else. Maybe Ohana. I’m also looking at Citricos, but I worry that it’s to upscale for the kids.

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I’m with you on this. I’m glad I went once so I could see the restaurant, but CHH has better food, and it’s MUCH easier to eat there. But LTT is my lunch go-to and my dinner go-to is to leave the park…

Yeah, I’m leaning toward LTT for lunch. We’ve always done Cosmic Rays, but since they got rid of their cheese sauce, well, what’s the point?

Actually the cheese sauce is back at Cosmic Rays but it’s portioned now and no longer free. Try the plaza if you want to stay in the park, otherwise there is a world of good food on the monorail and beyond. MK to me has the least amount of choices when it comes to good food. We always eat one breakfast at CP each trip because we enjoy the food, and it’s easily the most relaxed character meal.

We’re not fans of any of the QS in MK. Pecos Bills will do in a pinch but we’d much rather eat out of that park.