180 today, ADRs done!

Well that was easier than I expected! Today is my 180th day and I got all my ADRs done this morning! Happy at how smoothly it went and to see everything we wanted available, was a little nervous about the Bon Voyage Breakfast availability!

Here’s what I booked-

11/25 (arrival @ 10 am) - Crystal Palace dinner 6:30p

11/26 - 1900 Park Fare Supercalifragilistic Breakfast 9:15a (@jbrew, booked this based on your recommendation, super excited to try!)
Whispering Canyon Cafe Dinner - 7:30p

11/27 - Trattoria al Forno Bon Voyage Breakfast - 9:20a (This is our Epcot day, we can walk from Boardwalk to Epcot after breakfast, right?)
-Ohana dinner - 8pm

11/28 - Hollywood & Dine Disney Jr. Breakfast - 9:05a - After Ohana dinner the night before I doubted how early we’d all make it to HS the next morning…now I’m second guessing the 9:05…wondering if it should be closer to 8:00, OR try to get to park at 9 for opening and have a 10:00 breakfast time…?
This will be a half day at HS as we are doing MVMCP that night

11/29 - Be Our Guest Breakfast - 10:25a
- Cinderella’s Royal Table dinner - 5:25p

11/30 - Hollywood & Vine Breakfast - 8:40a (This is our full HS day, we did a pre-opening breakfast last year and loved it…not sure if we want this one or the one we have on 11/28 though? 11/28 would be party of 6 with two friends and this day would be 4). May not keep both…thoughts, anyone? This is a night the kids want to do pizza in our room for a relaxing evening.

12/1 - Probably QS meals all day, this is our last day and we’ll be at MK.

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you got both BOG and CRT!! Go Girl! I’ll check the walk time from Boardwalk…FW open normal time that day? Yeah…i would second guess two H&V…we did the new RizzoRat pizza…our kids who are younger loved it…place was clean and didn’t seem like your in a warehouse…1900 was a super food/MG…

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Ha thanks! I was SO excited!! We haven’t done CRT in 3-4 years and both kids threw me for a loop last week and said they’d really like to do it! I figured how long will they want to do this…they’re 11 & 9(just turned) so we said let’s do it (pending availability lol)! BOG for breakfast which isn’t quite as difficult as dinner…and we’ve never done BOG breakfast so I’m looking forward.
Lol @ RizzoRat Pizza :joy:
We’re def not doing BOTH H&V, just trying to figure out what’s best…9:05 with our two friends added on or 8:40a just the 4 of us later in the week? Or maybe I’m doing it all wrong…perhaps change that 9:05 to a 10:00…and we can get to park for opening and maybe squeeze in an extra TSM before? I wonder how likely that is though? And I remember how nice it was walking into the park before everyone else for our ADR last year…but we needed it then to signup for JTA (and that was incredibly easy b/c of it).
Ugh all the second guessing lol!!

Yes you can walk from Boardwalk to EP! Congrats!

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I’m jealous… my 180 is today, started at 6:02 and I just finished! Couldn’t get BoG (breakfast or dinner), anything at CRT or Akershus, anything at Garden Grill, or dinner at 1900 PF. I was trying for 8, but even going down to 4 didn’t work. Darm those 2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

I did get Cali Grill, Ohana breakfast, Tusker House breakfast, ridiculously early Chef Mickey’s, Monsieur Paul, 1900 PF breakfast, Yak & Yeti, 50s PT, a Skipper Canteen lunch, and a Cape May Cafe breakfast.

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My 180 days is this Saturday. Did you manage to book all your daily dining on the 180 day?
How did you do it, online, app, or phone.
I was planning booking one per day as the 180 day mark fell however doing out all in one go would be great.

When you book dining, you can book 180 +10, which means the 180 day mark plus the first 10 days of your trip all at once at 6am eastern on the 180 day mark.

Good luck!

That’s brilliant :blush:
Thanks loads, that’s made my life a little easier.
I also thought that if have to be online at 5am UK :sleeping:time to make the bookings but if it’s 6am Florida time then it would be 11am here.


Nice! Mine was Tuesday, I was up early & it wouldn’t work on my laptop. Had to do it all on my phone and didn’t get hardly anything I wanted. My ADRs are a mess quite frankly, lol. Reservation finder will be my new best friend!
I’m really trying to get a BOG dinner & Bon Voyage breakfast for 3 of us during the trip.
I booked a Tea at the GF simply because it came up as an option. I can’t seem to find much info on it yet. I’m not getting rid of it just yet though, need something nice for my mom’s birthday!

I think you’re going to be there the same time we are, fingers crossed you get it! DD and I are looking at mostly QS this trip but Bon Voyage breakfast and BOG dinner are the only ones we’re really hoping for.