180 Days is approaching!

Good evening Liners! My 180 day window opens up soon (end of next month). My DD (16) and I are heading down to the World in August and have the Dining Plan booked with our six night stay. Currently, we are looking at: 1900 PF for breakfast, Boma for breakfast on our AK day, CRT (2), BOG for dinner, and Sci Fi for our table meals. Both of us enjoy character meals, so 1900 PF gets the nod due to her love of Alice in Wonderland and the opportunity to catch the Mad Hatter, CRT we’re hoping to reserve late enough in the evening to have Wishes happen while we’re IN the castle (how COOL does that sound assuming we have a window view?!?) We aren’t quite sure on the QS meals as of yet, though I’d love Flame Tree.

All that to ask: are there other options that I’m shorting us on? To note: she’s a vegetarian (not vegan) so we’re looking at menus to make sure that there are options for her. Also, we’ll be down there as F&W opens this year, so some snack credits will be used there FOR SURE.

Overall, I’m not certain that we actually NEED the DP, other than I won’t need to bring extra GC’s for covering food on this trip. Though, the number crunching is about to start.

Any other dining options that I’m overlooking? TIA!!

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Loved BOG and Flame tree!!! I would suggest Ohana but I don’t think that would work well with the no meat thing. We also really enjoyed 50’s PT! We had a ton of fun messing with the CM back and the food was great. We liked Columba Harbor House for a QS in MK. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I don’t think there are many tables at CRT which have a view of the fireworks. Everything I have read suggests you really can’t see much from inside. Hopefully others can chime in here, as I haven’t been to CRT myself, although I would kind of like to go just once…

Good luck getting what you want.

The Skipper’s Canteen has a lot of good vegetarian options! We loved the falafel appetizer.

Are you doing Epcot at all? Where are you staying?

Garden Grill in Epcot has GREAT character interactions and food! We also really enjoyed the character interactions and breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. You will love the Beast’s castle and meeting the Beast is really great as well. This isn’t a character meal, but we had a really good time at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Food was great and it was a lot of fun.

Thanks all! @HakunaMatata93, we went to WDW last February for her birthday and had breakfast at O’Hana (which we both LOVED!!) as well as dinner at 50’s- omg we had the BEST server EVER there, it was such a blast! She has converted to the Anti Meat Brigade since that trip, so I’m not sure I can convince her to go back.

@Nickysyme I agree. As I look at it, it would take a miracle of planning (or MAJOR pixie dust!) to be able to see Wishes from inside the castle. But oh, for a minute of make believe and magic…

@melcort10, is Skippers the relatively new restaurant? That may be a fantastic option for lunch one day! We are going to be at Epcot, F&W starts at the end of our trip so I was hoping to use some snack credits there for some snack samples- I’ve never been during the festival but I’m so ecstatic they started it early. We’ll be at POFQ this trip, then planning a long weekend trip in December at Pop. I’m beginning to be grateful that we’ve got another trip coming up, I’ve got more restaurants to try than room to eat!

@Gnatjo Whispering Canyon Cafe was on our list, I’ve heard great things! I may add it back into contention. I told her BOG for dinner was my MUST for a dinner option just so we could meet Beast since it’s the only option to do so.

Yes! Skipper’s Canteen is the new restaurant in Adventureland! We really enjoyed it and I don’t think it is too difficult to score as a reservation. Enjoy Epcot F&W! I would suggest NOT planning any ADRs around those days so that you can just eat and drink around the world! I have heard in the past sometimes there can be limited veggie options, but they publish the menus ahead of time so your daughter should be able to know where she wants to go. Try to use snack credits for over $5.

We just stayed at POFQ and loved it. If you are planning some Disney Springs time, there are some fantastic restaurants there that are better quality than the theme park ones. We went to Homecoming twice!

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I’m not even sure why I didn’t think about deliberately NOT scheduling ADR’s during a F&W day! I’m not sure we’ll use all of our snack credits, so that totally makes sense- DD was wanting to really take our time around WS this trip as we blew through it last time we were there. Seeing as I need to be mom I won’t be drinking around the world though I’m hoping to try some new vino.Disney Springs may be where we plan to spend some time day of arrival AND day of departure- looking forward to the boat ride over!

Just scored reservations EVERYWHERE we wanted them, the window opened this morning! SO excited! We have one more dinner I’d like to get, but we’re waiting to see if MNSSHP is announced, we have a lunch reservation at BOG at 12:45 so the latest I can book dinner now is 5:20, which seems too early to me with that late of a lunch. Current park hours on the day in question is 9-7, so if it changes, I assume later dinner times will open up.