180 Days/ADRs tomorrow, thoughts?!

Good morning!
I’m still being cautiously optimistic about our Nov. 15th trip…I really feel the park will be open, I just hope things have “normalized” enough to feel comfortable going.
BUT, with that said…tomorrow is my ADR day. I’ve done this 9 times before so I know the drill, but am trying a couple new places for our family (and a few are with another family/friends of ours going the same week). I am going to operate under the assumption we are going and plan full steam ahead knowing it can all be canceled if it doesn’t work out.

I would LOVE anyone’s thoughts on the following. I know to not necessarily go in chronological order for days of my trip but rather by most difficult to book restaurant first, obviously…for this trip that is 'Ohana, party of 9, booking that first thing. I feel confident I’ll get a decent dinner time slot, we’ve booked it for larger parties before. So definitely going for that one first and while doing so I will be on the phone w/ my friend who’s family is in our 'Ohana party, as she is also booking dining for her family and BBB and Savi’s for her kids…we aren’t doing BBB and did Savi’s in December so I just have ADRs to worry about (I am taking care of 'Ohana for all of us though, can’t leave that to a first timer right?! :stuck_out_tongue: IF for some reason I can’t get us a party of 9 res, I will make one for my family of 4 and she will make one for her family of 5.

So my next question is on which order to prioritize booking these in terms of difficulty to reserve, as this will be my first time booking these particular restaurants (have eaten at MM but not for the F! dining package before):
-Yak & Yeti - party of 4, dinner
-Liberty Tree Tavern - party of 9 (but can s split if we need to) for lunch
-Mama Melrose for F! dining package - party of 9 but can split if need to (probably dinner but still discussing maybe lunch - but need to see what time F! starts as we don’t want to have it TOO close and have to rush through dinner)
-50’s Prime Time (party of 4)

Also - HEA fireworks dessert party at Tomorrowland Terrace, should I be ok booking this after ADRs or should it be prioritized somewhere in there lol?

Thanks everybody!!! :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The dining package probably won’t be available at 180, it is usually added later. I’d go for LTT first since it’s for 9.


I was wondering about the dining package. When I look at 11/14 now I didn’t find anything but wasn’t sure if that was due to lack of availability or not opened up yet.

Almost certainly not opened up yet.

That makes more sense. Do you think same w/ HEA dessert party? As of now I see it opened through 10/30 only.

I have never gotten a Fantasmic package at 180 days. They became available at a later time like fireworks parties.
I would consider a Landry’s card instead of a Yak and Yeti ADR

We’ve never done a dessert party so I haven’t ever looked, but I would think so.

What do you mean?

I will keep checking later for the F! package then! :smiley:

For $25 you can sign up for the Landry’s club. Yak and Yeti is owned by Landry’s, as well as Rainforest Cafe and T Rex. You get the $25 back as a credit on your bill, and instead of wrestling with ADRs, you just show up and get priority seating. It’s basically a jump the line card.


Omg WHAT?! How did I not know lol. I forgot Y&Y was Landry’s owned! Hmmm…let me look into this…

So you don’t even MAKE a reservation?? What if they’re busy? It seems so foreign to me to not even make one lol

You don’t need a reservation and it doesn’t matter how busy they are.

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Wow I had no idea, so it really is a jump the line card? Could you check in this way and still have an hour wait?

Not unless nobody left in the space of that hour. You get the next available table.


Honestly, I think you wait less with the card. One year I didn’t have it, and we waited an HOUR after our ADR at Rainforest, in part bc we kept getting bumped for Landry’s card holders.
You will literally get the next table that can accommodate your party with the card. If course if there’s other cardholders ahead of you, you’ll have to wait your turn.


ADRs done! No “availability” for Yak &Yeti - I think they just haven’t opened up time slots b/c it’s Landry’s owned - BUT got the Landry’s card so thanks for the tip on that!! :heavy_check_mark:

DID get everything else we wanted or a close enough version lol:

'Ohana had to be booked w/ my party of 4 + my friend’s party of 5, nothing for 9, anyone know if we can call ahead of time and ask to be seated together?

Liberty Tree - got lunch for 9, a little earlier than preferred (got 11:15 but would like 12 -12:30) but will keep an eye on that. Same question as 'Ohana, anyone know if we booked two parties, 4 + 5 if they could seat together?

Sanaa- lunch for 4 :heavy_check_mark:

50’s PT - lunch for 4 :heavy_check_mark:

Mama Melrose - F! dining packages not open yet so we booked my party of 4 +. her 5 (for now). If packages open up we will go for one of those and cancel this

Whispering Canyon - breakfast for 9 :):heavy_check_mark:


I have never had to split ADR’s but I have read it’s generally accommodated. I have read the the groups had approached the check in together and explained the situation. This is quite common at many WDW restaurants as they do not offer ADR’s in larger groups. I have specially read that Ohana has seated together in the past upon request.

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Thank you so much for the info! We plan to visit Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex, and Bubba Gump in March. :grin: We want to dine at T-Rex on arrival day but was not seeing ideal dinner times 6 months out. I seriously won’t need an ADR if I sign up for Landry’s Select Club?!?!