18 points changes things!

Looks like 8014 (or 7014, etc) is one of the best views of MK from a Lake view room, base on what I can see in TP room finder. So there are several room options, if I can manage getting one of them!


Will you check to see if they are handicap accessible? I feel like I made a change based on that? Not that there is anything wrong with those rooms, just that someone might need it.

Ah. I see. Yeah. Didn’t notice that. So I should request 8008 probably instead.

I think it would be 8014 (10th floor), or 8114 (11th floor)?

I have only stayed once but I don’t know how low/high is the best view ?

Now that I think of it, I think that is what I requested and I ended up on the 12th floor instead of the 10th. I don’t think you can go wrong with that request.

We must have been lower and also maybe further round to the lake.

The view of the lake was like looking at a mangrove swamp. I mean, I know it isn’t mangroves but there were roots and bushes growing in the water; at sunrise the combination of the red glow and a morning mist made for a beautiful picture. Wish I could find one.


We’ve stayed in 8008, could definitely see space mountain from the balcony!

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We’ve also been in 8108…


What a sweet gesture! I love it!! @ryan1 I hope you and your wife have a fabulous trip! Looking forward to the day our kiddos are older and we can do 10 days on our own!! If we keep our trip in December, we may cross paths in Epcot on 12/9!


Awesome news for you!

This is so awesome!!!

We’re doing HS on that day too! How many Liners will be in HS on that day??


4 so far!


We’re going to have to plan a meet up point at one of the Photo Pass photographers or something to get a liner meet photo. Like, everyone meet up and the Animation Courtyard at 2:30 pm. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I know from my interaction with @threeprincessesfourprinces in August…she apparently waved at me directly in line, and I even looked in her direction, but was complete oblivious. My daughter later said that she saw the lady waving but didn’t know why. Only reason I knew to hold back long enough to say hi was because she sent a note via the forums!


I can make 2:30 work! How about the rest of yall!?


Actually, yeah that works for us also! We’re slated to be near Muppetvision 3D around that time. (3PMish.)
I need to get a liner shirt!!
Hope we can pull this off!


OMG, so am I :rofl::rofl:


Great Liner minds think alike!


Although, with all the reports that evening has the lines lower, Im thinking of moving some of the attractions with lower lines in the middle of the day and put some headliners near the end. The only thing i fear is the FOMO! What if what I allocated isnt enough! HS is definitely a struggle!

@PrincipalTinker is the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: