18 points changes things!

So, a special shout out to @PrincipalTinker. Due to circumstances she outlined in another thread, she offered us 27 points to use for our upcoming trip as long as we could add days in November. Our arrival day had been Dec. 1.

Well, as many of you know, originally we had a single night planned at the Contemporary at the end of our trip, but we ultimately swapped it out for various reasons to just remain at the Boardwalk the entire time.

Anyhow, with 27 points, we were able to book one night at Bay Lake Tower lake view studio at the front of our trip. All we had to do was modify our plane tickets. The room took 18 points.

Now, we are very excited because it basically gives us some of The Contemporary experience!

This also gave us a benefit of making the rest of our trip more relaxed. For example, we had planned to book Chef Mickey one morning to see The Contemporary, and then take the monorail over to GF to see Christmas decor before heading to Epcot. We also had no day off in the parks, and with transportation being limited, we had to really do some careful planning and timing to see the other Christmas decor we wanted to see.

Here’s the new plan, now. Very excited:

Nov. 30 - Fly in, eat lunch at MCO then take DME to check into Bay Lake. We will eat dinner at Contempo Cafe, then tour the property, as well as head over to GF to see their Christmas decor.

Dec. 1 - MK day now! (Was just arrival day before.) We might still go to DS this evening to eat at Raglan Rd as we had planned originally. But we also check out from Bay Lake and check into Boardwalk. So by the time we get back from DS, hopefully our luggage will have been transferred.

Dec. 2 - HS day. Unchanged. Eating dinner at Olivia’s.

Dec. 3 - EP day. This was originally going to be Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, but now we can lounge around until Noon for Epcot.

Dec. 4 - AK day. This was originally our first MK day. But since we moved that to Dec. 1, we could move AK from Saturday to Friday to help avoid Sat. crowds. We still plan to eat at Y&Y.

Dec. 5 - Rest day! We didn’t have one before, but now we get all four parks, then this day to relax. We will eat dinner at WL in Whispering Canyon still, but the timing of things is much more relaxed. Rest of day we can do whatever!

Dec. 6 - EP day 2. Day unchanged. Eat lunch in WS and dinner at San Angel.

Dec. 7 - HS day 2 - We had originally planned to check out AKL first before heading into HS…but now we might do that on our actual AK day or rest day, so again we don’t have to feel time crunched. Should make a more relaxing day.

Dec. 8 - MK day 2. Unchanged. Lunch at The Plaza.

Dec. 9 - EP day 3. Checkout then lunch in WS. DME to airport late afternoon and head home.

Thanks to @PrincipalTinker for the gift of 18 points! It really made this trip much more special. Pixie dust indeed!


Wonderful news! I’m so happy you still get to have one night at Contemporary, even if it’s different than originally planned.
Perhaps we’ll run into you on 11/30 - we’re planning on dinner at Contempo that night also! Impromptu Liner Meet!
We’re also in HS the same day as you.


This is lovely news.
Yay for @PrincipalTinker ‘s points finding a happy use. Win-win.


Wow!!! How nice! Contemporary is back, happy for you!


So are we!!!


That’s awesome!


My plan so far :grin:
11/29- EP, 11/30- MK, 12/1- EP, 12/2- HS, 12/3- AK


We are both in MK on 11/30 also!


I think those points are pixie dust. They just wouldn’t go away without having someone use them.

Now, @Ryan needs to know room request ideas. I gave him one. The dream of seeing the castle (even without fireworks) is possible!


Yes, I have heard that certain lake view rooms are close enough to the side that you can get both the lake and the castle from your balcony.


You need to request a lake view room on the north end of the resort.

We got one last time, there was a beautiful view of the edge of the lake, with the Castle and Space Mountain off to the left.

Of course now, the massive Tron ride building is going to dominate that view, which is a shame. I’d be interested to see photos from those rooms to see exactly what the view is.


If you don’t happen to get a room with a view of the castle, there’s always Top of the World Lounge.

We were supposed to be at BLT that week as well, I hope you have THE BEST time.


Well I will be in the main tower, not BLT, but I think that’s a good point! I will have to remember to upload my room view to the site.


I shared these with @ryan1 yesterday. @Randall1028 helped me with my request and although I didn’t get my requested room, but they said it was the same view.


Top of the World isn’t open right now, and you also have to show a membership card and ID to go up.

Oh, I’m sorry. I thought he was a member but of a different property.

Also, I thought with the Gov. lifting restrictions then TotW and CA Grill would be open by his trip.

Cali Grill is open. I expect Top of the World would be concerned that a lot of members will not come without fireworks?

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TBH I’ve only ever had one bad view in the 11-12 years I’ve been staying there. And that’s with me normally requesting standard views so I can extend our stay.

I have no clue what is open or isn’t because of Covid. But maybe you can ask the front desk where open viewing areas are. If I happened to get a non partial view of the park I would go to the balconies under the Monorail or the walkway between the two buildings to catch the fireworks.

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I definitely plan to try to get a lake view room request that also gives a view of MK. It would be awesome to get it. If I can’t, that’s okay. But it would be the icing on the cake, as it were.

I will poke around the room finder, using the room recommendation that @PrincipalTinker gave as a starting point.


@Randall1028 has some info on rooms with the beds facing towards the view I think?

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