18 days to go so of course making some changes

Nothing major, really. But tweaking things and updating my spreadsheet to make this a more relaxed-pace trip. Moving dinners later, lengthening mid-day breaks at resort. That kind of thing.

It never really stops does it. Plan, plan, plan some more - then fix that plan again!


Are you trying any restaurants that you have never visited before? Or any new experiences?

Where are you staying this trip?

Poly! It’s a shorter trip for us which is kind of a bummer, but there was no way I was dealing with the crush of Easter - that wouldn’t have been a good use of our time or $$ (personally speaking). So we are arriving after the Easter crowds begin to filter out. 6 days in WDW isn’t so bad :wink: Someday I want to do a 10-er


Poly—- awesome! Can’t wait to follow along

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18 days is soon! What are today’s changes? :blush:

Moving some things around to lengthen our time at the resort for midday, or - if we get caught in the “I don’t feel like going back” trap, that our must do stuff has been done

Also conversing with a friend who is going to be there same time to make plans to spent fireworks at TOWL


Your 6 days is most others 10 days.

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