179 Days! Park Selections

Good Morning…
First I have to say it’s great to be back :slight_smile:
This is our third trip. Last trip was Feb. 2016. Going in Feb 2019 with DH, DD10, and DD6. We have 10 park days: 3 at MK, 2 at all other parks. Which other park would you recommend going a 3rd time. Not getting park hopper.


That’s a tricky one. It will mostly come down to personal preference.

If it were us, MOST LIKELY we would pick Epcot. This is because for us, when we do a 6 day trip, we do 2 days at MK and 2 days at Epcot, 1 days at AK and HS.

So, scaling that up, I’d move Epcot to 3 days.

The reason we do Epcot is because of the time you can spend in World Showcase versus FutureWorld. You can devote a full day to each, for sure. It also means you can spend more time doing things like the Agent P adventure that you might otherwise rush through or skip entirely. Plenty of food options as well.


I just asked my kids …DS 10 AK & DD 9 EP!!

I would also pick EP… there is just so much to see & do. :grinning:

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Thanks for the advice!

I would pick Epcot as well. Because, well, it’s our favorite. :slight_smile: