16 yo. has anxiety over coasters or fast, scary, hilly rides - options at Universal?


Hi, My 16 yo. daughter has anxiety over coasters or fast, scary, hilly rides. What ride / attraction options do we have at Universal? Thanks!



Universal is full of simulators. If she has the stomach for it, there are plenty to choose from. They are not traditional coasters, but a seated, theater type of experience. The Simpsons and Shrek are examples of simulators that would not be scary.


Will she do simulators? There are Transformers and Simpsons at US and Spiderman at IOA. She should be ok on Men in Black. Maybe Forbidden Journey at IOA and Escape From Gringotts at US. There's the Shrek show and a few others like the Horror Make Up show at US. Poseidon's Fury and the Sinbad show at IOA. The Cat in the Hat ride at IOA.


It's been about 10 years since I was there, so I'm not familiar with all the rides they have now. I too don't like roller coasters or fast hilly rides either (at all). I did love Men in Black. It is my most favorite ride ever. There were no crowds that day. So I was able to go on it about 20 times. I can usually do simulator rides too, because I know that it isn't "real" and won't go flying off the track.


Universal (at least in Orlando) is sensory overload for sure. Everything is either a coaster or simulator - I would consider the vast majority NOT scary - but I love roller coasters. The simulators do whip you around etc and they do simulate (very well) the feeling of speed, falling, climbing etc. As stated MIB is fairly tame - but things pop out and you do get jerked around. I think to help - what are the rides she likes at Disney so we can compare.

Hogwarts Express is wonderful - but you are in a confined space (a train cabin) and you do move - but you cannot see outside at all. Additionally (SPOILER ALERT) people and dementors do go up and down the hall. So if she has issues with confined space - I would not recommend that.

As a whole - I would consider Universal more "intense" than Disney


Believe it or not, we've never been to Disney. Budget has always been a concern, so this is her first trip to Orlando. :slight_smile: We do go to a local 6 Flags and she likes more of the on-the-ground rides, like the cups or tilt-a-whirl. She also likes some water tube rides, when you are on a float.

Thanks for your thoughtful answer.



My pleasure. I would say that Universal rides are decidedly more aggressive than WDW. I would suggest that you look up the rides on youtube and see if it is something that would be of concern. I used to think Universal was "second best" to WDW and was reluctant to go. However after being there - BOY was I wrong. Universal does a GREAT JOB. The parks are awesome, the rides are awesome and Harry Potter is just Magical.

WDW is great - and the rides are a bit more sedate than Universal - but if her anxiety isn't too severe I would say go for it. If she likes the cups etc - the simulators may not be that bad.


Which Six Flags do you go to? I am always at Great America, so maybe I can offer some suggestions based on what she likes at Six Flags.


Thanks! We go to the one in Lake George, NY.



Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I go to Six Flags Great America in IL. Looking at the Six Flags website, it looks like we have very few rides in common, so I can't give you comparisons. I would suggest trying one of the simulators to see how it goes. E.T. should be good, as should Hogwarts Express, and anything in Seuss land.