150 points minimum for full membership

I believe the thinking behind these numbers is they want people to have enough points to actually be able to book a room. If you only have enough points to book a studio in low season you will come away disappointed. Which is why they will let resale owners add 25-50 points.

I think the 150 reflects that new DVC resorts are going to require more points to book. (In addition to Disney straight up trying to capitalize on the demand for DVC). Copper Creek may be the last steal on point value!

I agree this will help things somewhat and should ease the pressure on studios, since people would have enough points to book a few nights in a 1-bed if necessary.

However there are an awful lot of smaller contracts around still on the sale market, and they may become more desirable. .

The 50 point minimum add-on applies to everyone who already owns, direct or resale. No more 25 pointers.

It leaves a gap between the one-time use points and a new contract. The limit was set at 24 because if you needed more than that they would sell you a 25 point contract. Now, if you’re 25 points short, you’ll have to buy 50 points.

Which is crappy really. Perhaps they should create more studios. And the definitely need to fix that ridiculous situation where some studios sleep 5 but a 1BR sleeps 4 :woman_facepalming:t2: That right there is a huge problem - of course I’m going to book a studio if I need sleep space for 5 in that case. And it costs less points!

It’s also crappy to be trying to push people toward larger contracts/bigger villas when they don’t need it as a party of 1 or 2.


On the other hand, if someone only needs a studio, this might actually make things worse in that folks with more points can now book more days in the studios, making availability even worse.

Maybe it will balance out and make no difference.

I will say that the only DVC we are interested in is Boardwalk, and only at 100 pts. Anything more that is throwing our money away, even at resale. Of course, I don’t know how often 100 pt resale Boardwalk contracts come up. So far in the past two weeks? None.

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This was true for CC resorts. This is now true for all resorts? Is this because of GFV (it would have fallen under the 25 minimum )?

The 50 point minimum add on is a real bummer for me. If I was going to ever purchase anything direct it would have been 25 points at OKW. Instead I will probably keep buying a low number of transfer points, as needed, every few years. Or on 50nwhen that DLR tower opens up!

The price of small contracts these days have been very close to direct prices. I like the direct purchase with my Disney Visa and paying it off at 0% over 6 months. It is just an easy way for me to manage the cost. 25-35 points twice is just easier for me but I have done 50 in the past and I guess that is what I will do. In the long run I will purchase less points with this change.

I expect those 25 point contracts just increased in value.


Well they look to be fixing that issue going forward but it’ll have to wait until the full refurb of each resort.

And with 200 new studios at GFV that should also help.

The situation with points though is that for too long, IMO, they allowed people to buy in direct for 50 points at resorts like VB, SSR, OKW, HHI.

That means that those owners can only ever book studios. But they are also competing with others who have more points but only want studios. Those with minimal points have no other options open to them.

When I bought in 2010, the minimum for Bay Lake was 160. This is restoring that

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That’s what I was told. For ALL resorts. I asked if they could check when it changed and she went to a supervisor and was told it changed as of yesterday.

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