150 points minimum for full membership

As of today, you now need to accumulate 150 points bought direct from DVC to qualify for full membership and perks.

Effective June 3, 2021, to obtain a Disney Vacation Club Membership Card, Members must accumulate a total of at least 150 Vacation Points purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc.

Disney and Concierge Collection options are not available for ownership interests not purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. after March 21, 2011, and, effective April 4, 2016, Members who have not purchased an ownership interest directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. will not have access to Membership Extras.

(Scroll down to bottom of page for “Important Information about Membership Extras” paragraph).


Also new info from Chat with DVC:

As of today, June 3rd, the minimum buy-in is 150 points. The minimum add-on as an existing member is 50 points, but the OTUP limit is still 24 points.

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So the great debate out there is whether you can buy smaller amount as an existing owner, with the understanding that you will not get full benes.

What reads here is

I think I’m settled on 150 anyway if I go forth, but if I decided I wanted fewer some are saying I’m SOL while this reads that I could get fewer just without perks that I don’t care about anyway.

What say you?

150 at ~$200 a point. Hard frickin’ pass.

Glad I bought my contracts when I did. Looks like short of retail, those are it.

Not looking at a $200/point resort.

I currently hold 150 at OKW and as I have two offsprings am considering a second 150 point contract. Since resale is insane right now, the gap between resale and direct is minimal and when you consider that a direct contract is a 2057 expiry and they will match my current use year and load points almost immediately it almost only makes sense to go direct. Those three things are the ONLY reason I am considering direct right now. But if OKW increases (the way SS just did) before I’m ready, I’ll go back to looking at resale.

As far as I know the minimum for a direct purchase as a new owner is 100 points.

An existing member, whether they bought direct or resale can add on as few as 25 points at most resorts (hence the 24 maximum one time use points you can buy), but 50 at CCV and Riviera.

I don’t believe that has changed for a while.

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That’s how I understood it too, but in a few places I see people kind of stomping their feet and saying no you absolutely cannot buy anything less than 150.

I suppose I can just report back on my experience.

Is this change just a rise in the number of points needed for full membership, or is it an entirely new limitation?

That’s basically the debate I just shared that I see out there.

It reads to me - and to Nicky - that it’s simply a new limitation for full membership and that existing members can buy fewer points

It kind of sounds like they want to prevent people buying, say, 100 pts via resale, and then 50 pts direct to obtain full membership benefits. Those resale points will not count toward full membership.

Right. That has been a thing for a while. Not since forever, but for a number of years now. Used to be that’s how you would get benes (of which there are none, currently by the way)

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Aaaaaand, ignore my previous answer. :frowning:

chat was available and I posed as a non member. As of today,

Minimum new buy-in direct is 150 points.
Minimum add-on for existing members is 50 points.

First post edited to add this info.


50 is still reasonable. And is also not 150 LOL

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Except that, as I put in post #1, the limit of one-time use points is still 24. That used to be set because if you needed 25 they would sell you a new add-on contract. Now there’s a gap between the OTUP and the minimum add-on.

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Grandfathered in?

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Yes. Going forward from today.

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Thanks, I didn’t like the way that was worded.

I’m sure you’re covered in the fine print.

I am fully aware that they are making up the rules as they go these days and those rules can/will change if they can make a buck.

You can’t tell I am getting a little jaded- can you?


I’m impressed that you all can make sense of this. DVC makes my head spin. Maybe b/c I’m a new owner :pensive:

I guess I’m just going to be a 2nd class DVCer for life now.

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