15 Frozen "Secrets" and American Icons: Disney Parks Podcast Episode

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Just throwing these out there in case anyone here might find them interesting:

’Frozen’ secrets: Disney reveals 15 things you may not know

and an episode from one of my favorite podcasts: Studio 360. This The Disney Parks episode is part of their American Icons series, most of which were particularly interesting. While the perspective of Disney within the episode is not all rosy, I think they remain objective and was interesting to listen to.

If nothing else, listen to the 11yo Anabelle Fabian’s description of her not believing and believing in the magic of Disney both at the same time - I don’t think anyone could describe it better! (She starts speaking at 23:14 in the episode.)

American Icons: The Disney Parks


Dude, I loved that American Icons episode on Disney Parks. I thought it was excellent. Thanks for sharing.

I love that he doesn’t have an all-rosy picture of Disney. I think, speaking as a fan here, that a lot of the critique of Disney is right on. Seeing the “underbelly” of Disney, or at least the idolatry of the Disney-fication of it all doesn’t spoil Disney for me.

Like I’ve said before, Disney cannot be my savior. As soon as try to make it that, I’m setting up Disney for more than it was meant to be. It can be a source of inspiration for my imagination and child-like joy, but Disney is not my religion.

For me, the most piercing thing here is when asks what is missing from Main Street USA that plays a part of every real American community? A church.
“The Disney Parks themselves are our Holy Land. And this is their prayer: ‘When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything that your heart desires will come to you.’”

And that’s a great song, but lyrically it’s just not true.

Disney makes for a great vacation… but a horrible religion.

I also really enjoyed the original vision film for what EPCOT was meant to be. Great stuff here.
Again, thanks for sharing.


Obviously I’ve drunk the Dole Whip so am on board with The Disney. But I find the strongly negative comments about the whole thing from someone like the writer Hiassen odd - his chosen profession is creating immersive environments on the page.

I didn’t buy his antipathy as some result of perceived Disney phoniness, felt more like he backed into a preconceived desire not to like it. Of course, what do I know. :wink:
Would be interested to hear what he thinks of other environments like Universal’s Harry Potter.

I’m of course with you regarding the separation of Church and Disney State. What I think Disney is so successful at is that ability to reopen the wonder center of the brain - possibly only second to the change in one’s perspective that occurs from spending quality time with young ones.

I was just reading some of my old Facebook posts from last year and marveling at my daughter’s knack for asking innocent, yet piercing questions just before she nods off each night.

Last year she asked out of the blue one night, “When other people look at you, do they see the same thing you see when you look at yourself?”

Walking through each day after cough 50 cough years on the planet, I have forgotten most of my young day’s questions, and it both breaks my heart and fills it to think of the inevitable ups and downs of her future and how it all will color and perhaps even dull her vision.

Walking through Disney parks holding her small warm hand as she takes in the atmosphere, or high-fiving my son in his pride as he builds his identity as a daredevil roller-coaster connoisseur is a wonderful thing to have for all of us.

It will not answer the big questions, but it can clear my vision enough to appreciate other things.


By the way, apropos of nothing, one of my other favorite Lily questions, from when she was 5 and after we had gone on a trip to Lancaster, PA:

“Do Amish people ever come to our town on vacation?”

Ok, still digging up old threads.

I listened to the Studio 360 podcast on the way home. Interesting with many good points. But I think many of the people who spoke out against Disney-fication are looking at the Disney experience through a somewhat distorted lens (and I LOVE @JJT’s comment about Hiassen).

Anyone who has gone through One Man’s Dream, anyone who knows about Walt’s background knows that Walt had a rough child- and young adulthood. I’ve always imagined Disneyland and Walt Disney World not as Walt denying the real world exists but his attempt to give the world a little escapism. What’s wrong with that?

Disney will never be my religion but it is a happy place for me, along withYellowstone, Flagstaff and Boston. (What? Boston is one of my favorite places. It is NOT crazy!)