15 day countdown, head is spinning. What am I missing?

Finally taking our long delayed 8 day trip to WDW! Fam of 4 with Star Wars obsessed tweens. Staying at BWV. Last WDW trip was 2016, so Galaxy’s Edge is our first stop.

My brain is spinning with the Genie rollout etc. and the TP crowd calendar resets that have happened over the last few weeks. Apologies for the long post. Would love the wisdom of liners on the following:

To minimize wait time should I follow my optimized touring plans AND purchase Genie+ at MK and HS, and ILLs for RoTR and FoP?

I have ADRs for most dinners and many of our lunches. I dismissed the warning and will be relying on Park Hopping to get to evening dining at EP etc. Are we going to have trouble park hopping early evening?

Will the Wine & Dine ½ mess up my plans for EP dinner and Harmonious on 11/7?

11/6 - HS 12p-4p, Oga’s ADR; BWV Check-in 4p-6p; Back to HS to see Galaxy’s Edge at night, and RoTR using ILL?

11/7 - MK; EP for dinner ADR and Harmonious (but just realized it’s Wine & Dine ½ that day)

11/8 - EP; EP F&W for dinner

11/9 - AK

11/10 - HS, Oga’s ADR, Savi’s Res; EP for dinner ADR

11/11 - MK; EP F&W for dinner

11/12 - AK late start and stay until dark to see Pandora

11/13 - HS; MK dessert pre-party (in retrospect would have booked the post-party)


The half marathon starts at 5am, so everything should be cleared out by the time you hop to Epcot. The only thing you will notice that evening is that runners will have a ticket to enter Epcot at 5pm, so crowds may start to build after that. I honestly don’t think you will notice though (I doubt this will have a meaningful impact on crowds), except that you may see people wearing their medals. There is an after party from 9-12pm for runners, so after Harmonious you will be politely ushered out of the park. I’m assuming on that last part. I will be attending the after party but I’ve never been before, so I’m not sure how they enforce attendance. I’m assuming we will be given wristbands and anyone without one will be asked to head towards the exit after Harmonious.

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You should not have problems with Epcot reaching capacity, if that is what you mean.

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Rest of your plan sounds good to me. Have fun!

Just a thought but if you are staying at Boardwalk you can get Epcot extended evening hours for deluxe resort guests on Nov 8th and the same at MK on Nov 10th.

Thanks! Since this is the 7th time I’ve rebooked this trip (we were supposed to arrive March 2020), I got lazy and basically stuck with my original itinerary. I think the EEH are a little late for my crew, but we may stick around in EP on 11/8.