14 Day Ultimate Ticket

We are off to Disney World in October from the UK for 17 Nights staying on site. We have purchased the 14 day ticket but have read that it is usually valid for 15 day and even up to 16 days , which would be great for a 17 night stay. My Disney Experience is allowing us to book fast passes for the whole 17 day duration so looks promising, but don’t want to go to a park with our little one only to get refused. I’m not looking for someone to tell me that yes they got in on day 15/16 as this may have just been luck, I’m looking for a definitive answer that assures me that this is applicable to all ultimate tickets. Cheers Paul.

We have had the 14 day ultimate ticket and as I understand it, it is only valid 14 days from first use. Never heard of it going over to 15/16 days, but I could be wrong! Can’t see Disney allowing this when you can purchase a 21 day ticket…money, money, money :joy: Would like to know where you saw this, would be fab :wink:

One of the comments hear suggests it may work.

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Mmmmm very interesting! Perhaps you could try booking FP’s on those days (15/16) to see if they are accepted, I’m sure if the tickets are not valid you wouldn’t be able to book FP’s. As it says in the thread you can always ask at reception where you are staying if it is valid on the day you want to try it to avoid disappointment…

I think you would have to book FPs on the first available date and then try to book on the last available date and maybe that would tell you but Disney does not know when the ticket will be activated so the last day would be available for booking (that is why I am suggesting the first/last).

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It will in fact let me book FPs from the 15th Oct till the 1st Nov, on My Disney Experience, which is actually 18 days! Don’t have a lot of faith that this is a good indicator for admission to the parks for 18 days though. Could all go wrong when i start to use the actual ticket on our hols. Seems to be a very grey area. Have already finalized all my plans for Disney in the 14 day period, just would be nice to know that we had a choice to revisit during our last three days if needed. Was going to phone up Disney, but if this is the case, I cant see them wanting to publicise it.

I am wondering if the system presumes that you have already purchased or plan to purchase park entry tickets for the extra dates so will allow you to book FP’s on that basis. It just seems so unlikely that you could continue to use out of date park tickets and I don’t think I would risk the disappointment of trying it out and getting the red light.

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I think that would probably be the best way…

Disney will probably just say no even if you can do it! Agree it is a grey area :smirk:

Some one tried to get 15th day when we were there ar easter. It didn’t work. They were in front of us at MK tapstyles so we heard the whole conversation. Your ticket will expire at 2 am in the morning of day 15 to allow entry late at night for extra hours etc. This shows as being valid during the 15 th day which is where the confusion now arises.

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Thank you. Thats good enough me, and i shall act accordingly as to avoid disappointment for my little one.

We have that ticket too, it says it is valid from our arrival day for 14 days. As UK disney sometimes has the same price for different length tickets, they might all have the same code, which is why you can book FP. I would assume you can only enter the parks for your first 14 days. I doubt Disney will tell you it’s OK to enter on the 15th day, even if you can. I would make other plans, but no harm in checking on your 15th day. Good luck.